#3LineTales: Relics

This is for Sonya’s microfiction challenge using the photo prompt below. The photo is ©Ashim D’Silva


What absolutely barbaric implements, she thought, disdain twisting her lips in a half-smile as she poked the pile with the tip of her boot.

“Not surprising they ended up the way they did, if these were the kind of toys they played with,” she said aloud, turning her disintegrator on the ugly blades and giving herself the satisfaction of seeing them disappear in a shimmer of dull, silvery dust.

Her companion laughed, and together they turned back through the crumbling ruins that stretched as far as the eye could see to board their waiting craft.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

27 thoughts on “#3LineTales: Relics”

    1. Depends what they’re like really. If they’re anything like us they’ll probably think we were well-meaning but inept, and if they’re better than us, they’ll be horrified 🙂

  1. Ooh, great story Jane! Often wondered how our cultures would be viewed by future archaeologists. Assuming they didn’t have any written records of us, what would they think of the tons of plastics and metals and food we throw away.
    Great dialogue, love the sparse feel that is so right for the story. A cracker 🙂

      1. One of the cardinal sins of unedited writers is wordiness. It’s always a good exercise to see just how many words you can scratch and still keep the essence of what you want to say.

      2. I’m often convinced some description is absolutely spot on, then I take it out completely, and the fact of it not being there makes no difference to the text at all 🙂

      3. When reading a good book, I’m often amazed at how little description the reader needs to imagine setting, action and character. I just have to learn to put that in my own writing 🙂

      4. Well, that’s what keeps us all going, isn’t it? Are we very deluded, do you think? Just as long as we keep enjoying the writing – that’s the main thing 🙂

      5. I love writing but I find the promotion of it gruelling. If you don’t promote, nobody reads, so although we all say we don’t care about not making any money, if that was really the case we wouldn’t bother publishing the book in the first place, would we?

      6. Very true. I suppose there are people who publish just for the sake of it, but then we’re straying into vanity publishing, which no one wants to admit to. I’m not sure how you’re supposed to develop a good promotional strategy these days, but to promotion can be a full time job in itself and most writers still need to work on top of that. Still we plug on 🙂

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