Microfiction challenge The Avenue: the entries

More episodes, some new stories, and all of them a pleasure to read. Keep them coming! I’ll post a new image tomorrow and we’ll see how it weaves into some of your stories.


Louise with what could be a spring board to a new series.

The Assassin’s Task – Fantasy Raconteur


Michael (Morpeth road) with the sequel to the bike chain in the café incident.

Microfiction challenge #8: The avenue | Morpethroad


Ken with a melancholy story in a style I am beginning to recognize. A journey, a beginning, an end and a form of resolution.

Last Farewell | rivrvlogr


Bill (followed by the usual ghostly blank space) with a really lovely little story.



Kat really getting into her stride and introducing a new character.

Seasoning – Part 5 | like mercury colliding…


Sri builds on Lucy’s story, creating a generous spirit.



Leara’s story is almost something I could imagine Merril writing. Except for the end…

Sacrifices – LearaWrites


Merril really did write this one 🙂 Loved it.

Left with the Poplars: Microfiction | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings



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