A plug for The Green Woman

It’s promotion weekend, so I’ll get the Green Woman news out of my system in one fell swoop.

Although I love the covers Kate Wrath made for me and they’d appeal to me as a member of the book-buying public, they are maybe sending out the wrong sort of messages. I’d also like to get away from the YA first and foremost tag. The Green Woman books are fantasy. There’s nothing in them that points at a particular demographic,  so I’m loath to hone the ‘targetting’ to say, girls between the ages of twelve and fourteen who live in a comfortable suburbia with one sibling, both parents and two new cars. And who like cats, dislike the colour yellow and have a slight weight problem.

To this end, I have given the series new covers, new blurbs and new amazon categories. I might be shooting myself in the foot, but a change is always good, and at this particular moment, I’m practicing letting go.

Here’s the series blurb

The Green Woman tells a story of hope. There is immense cruelty and evil, inhumanity and ugliness in her world, but like everything in nature, there is balance, so there is also courage and kindness, goodness and generosity. But in the life cycle, there is struggle, and not all seeds will grow, not all young ones grow to adulthood. The story of the Green Woman is the story of all those who help build the future, even though they will never see it.

I’ve also dropped the price of The Dark Citadel, the first book, to 99c/p so if you haven’t read it, it won’t break the bank to give it a whirl.

Amazon US

Amazon UK

The new blurb

When all you have are memories, and all you’re promised is a warped husband, even Hell seems like a reasonable option.

In a violent, repressive world, where every colour is grey, every move monitored, every thought sifted, and every future set from birth, Deborah kicks against the traces. She wants more than a life of mindless drudgery.

Something in the back of her memories, something bright and vibrant, rippling with laughter, soft as a breath of wind, keeps telling her:

There is more. Just reach out and grab it, before the Protector puts it out of reach forever.

So she resolves to break out of her prison, determined to discover the real purpose of her life, though it means braving the haunted desert. And before she walks flat-footed into the first trap, the vibrant, laughing memory reaches out his hand to help her.


Here are the new, old movie poster style covers. Hope you like them.


TSF future




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