Poetry challenge Trilune: the entries

I’m pleased at how many of you tried out this form. It’s not an easy one to turn into a poem that flows well, but you managed it ๐Ÿ™‚

New theme tomorrow. A restful one as I’m battling with the hated promotion today and tomorrow.

Michael (Poetry Channel) with a light-hearted look at (ir)reality.

Departures from Reality | The Poetry Channel


Louise’s poem has elements of the harbinger, written in true fantasy style.

Mark of Moonlight โ€“ Fantasy Raconteur


Peter’s poem reads like the start of a folk legend that cries out for the whole story to be written. There is a full version of the story on his blog. Maybe he could post the link in the comments below? I can’t find it.



Ken’s poem isn’t so much a message as a portent of disaster. Chilling.

Lunacy Prevails | rivrvlogr


Kat and Janice are on a similar wavelength. Moons with messages.

Blame it on the Moons | like mercury colliding…


The Crow always complains about how difficult it was to write the poem, and invariably turns in something complex and darkly beautiful.

trilune (20160810) โ€“ Words and Feathers


Merril’s poem makes me think of the posters of trips to Mars I found recently on wiki. Strange and otherworldly.

Under Three Moons: A Trilune | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Sarah’s poem is truly gorgeous. I’m pleased she came up with something so exquisite since she came up with the name of this form.



Phylor, who managed to catch up on the tilus challenge and write a rather lovely poem on the three moons theme, a trilune in free verse ๐Ÿ™‚

JDโ€™S poetry challenge#43: no trilune, only a tilus โ€“ Phylor’s Blog

I of night, you of day โ€“ Phylor’s Blog


Learaโ€”romantic and wistful.

Three Moons โ€“ LearaWrites


Janice’s three moons carry a message we don’t seem to be hearing very well.

Neighbours โ€“ Ontheland


A ballad-style contribution from Damien, who managed to combine plumbing with poetry.



And a late entry from Kerfe, assuming I was going to be as late getting this post together as I often am. As often happens with late entries, this one is worth waiting for;

The Power of Three | method two madness





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18 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Trilune: the entries”

  1. I enjoyed all of these. I found it difficult to, as you say, get the flow. I think it was the challenge of placing one rhyme without making a stanza look like a run-on sentence.

      1. Suffer little children in order to rise as poets!!! Make us suffer!
        Although I’m off to Dublin on Thursday night for the wedding but may get time on the plane before the Irish ladies steal all my energy!!!

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