Poetry challenge Ghazal: the entries

This one had me tearing my hair. The instructions for a classic ghazal are convoluted, and I didn’t even attempt the last injunction—to use the poet’s name in the last couplet. However, many of you played fast and loose with some of the other rules too. The results were often beautiful poetry, but missed the point of the ghazal. I admire your courage in going back and producing another poem in the strict ghazal style.

Ghazal or not ghazal, all your creations are poems, lyrical and lovely. They all have a refrain that gives them that song-like quality I think the original ghazal was aiming for, so full marks for creative adaptation.

I think tomorrow’s prompt will be a little more straightforward 🙂

Just adding a late entry from Kim. She got the thing about adding a reference to the poet in the last couplet, so three cheers for that feat!

Parting at Dawn – writing in north norfolk


First one was from Lady Lee

Poetry challenge #44: Ghazal – ladyleemanila


A first time entry from Matthew and a pretty good one from a self-styled non-poet 🙂

Poetry challenge #44: Ghazal | Twisted Roads of Madness


Sarah’s ghazal is a reworking of a first attempt. That internal rhyme scheme is very clever 🙂

Dawn Ghazal – for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems


Louise—what you’d expect, really.

Crimson Dawn – Fantasy Raconteur


Ken with another threatening dawn interpretation.

Unwelcome Dawn | rivrvlogr


Damien, who worried away at it to get a ghazal from a lovely poem that wasn’t quite a ghazal.

DAWN, a Ghazal  | Deuxiemepeau- Picturing Poetry by D. B. Donnelly

DAWN II | Deuxiemepeau- Picturing Poetry by D. B. Donnelly


Kat, another unrepentant rule-breaker with a classical-sounding poem. Again, very apt given the image prompt.

While We Sleep – A Ghazal | like mercury colliding…


Another adventurous attempt from the Fleeting Muse from Assam (Axom?)

Dawn: Poetry Challenge #44: Ghazal – Fleeting Muse

DAWN (Updated to follow rule ) – Fleeting Muse


Merril with a ghazal variant I liked a lot.

Dawn is Waking: A Ghazal | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Same for Kerfe—a poetic variation that makes perfect sense. Love it.

Mother of Winds | method two madness


The Crow, breaking rules and not caring. I don’t either—it’s a great, dark and dismal poem 🙂

everybody’s happy (20160819) – Words and Feathers


Leara who also worked away at this form to lick it into ghazal shape.

Love At Dawn – LearaWrites

Love At Dawn II – LearaWrites


Janice’s poem is mid-way between melancholic and hopeful. Exactly the right tone for the rather strange painting.

Troubled mind – Ontheland


Anita, another first timer, who also revised her copy. Strange how many have chosen to leap in with the most problematic challenge so far. Latent masochism?

Dawn – As it Comes



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22 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Ghazal: the entries”

      1. I don’t know how Urdu works, but even between English and German there’s a big difference in sentence structure, so I wouldn’t expect Urdu to be any closer 🙂

  1. How did you connect Axom to Assam? Yes, I am originally from Assam.
    It was amazing to see so many good poems. I was not able to read all. My homework for this weekend.
    Waiting for the next ghazal prompt.

    1. I saw that Assam is just an anglicization of the original name, which could be written in English as something like Axom, so I guessed you used the correct rendering of the name of your birthplace.. I should have been a detective…

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