Poetry challenge #45: Summer storm

We used the rondelet not too long ago, but long enough ago for me to have forgotten how it works. Suffice it to say, it isn’t complicated and will be a welcome relief from Ghazals.

The explanation is here, at Shadow Poetry. You’ll see that there are seven lines with a strict number of beats per line and a rhyming pattern. However, it isn’t difficult to follow.

As usual, please leave the link to your poem in the comments box before the round up next Tuesday.

The theme is

Summer storm

and the image

photo ©Fir0002  

My poem:


Heat falls like lead,

The sky vibrates, too bright, too blue;

Heat falls like lead,

A vicious weight upon this head

That has so much to bear now you

Have gone—I thought that you’d be true.

Heat falls like lead.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

49 thoughts on “Poetry challenge #45: Summer storm”

  1. Another week, another brain meltdown! I agree, easier than the ghazal, but it has me spinning already. We’ll have to see. How about free verse next week,😀 she laughs

      1. Thank you Jane 🙂 your refrain truly captures the weight of the heat around here…although it’s easing up at night. It was fun to try this form again…though after I wrote it my head was making up refrains all night 😏

    1. It’s all about pushing back the limits. If I hadn’t started this challenge I’d have missed out on the discipline of following rules and getting rhyme and rhythm to work 🙂

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