Poetry challenge Meter: the entries

This challenge, possibly even more than the challenges involving rhymed forms, shows how differently our minds work, even when we would all consider ourselves poets, aspiring or otherwise. Some of us love the rhythm of a poem with a strict number of beats and slip into the flow of it naturally. For others it is a real effort. Ways of seeing doesn’t apply just to the visual arts.


Sarah is one of the naturals. Just read it.



Louise’s poem is a rhyming, rhythmic story in the great tradition of the ballad.

The King’s Salvation- A Ballad – Fantasy Raconteur


Kat’s poem is a delicate, sad love poem, and I’d say she had no problems finding a rhythm..

The Brightest Star | like mercury colliding…


Ken claims he struggled with this, but the result flows perfectly with some lovely images.

Your Starlight | rivrvlogr


A first time entry from dbpoetry with a poem touching on a mother’s thoughts about her growing child.



Grammy’s poem is light-hearted and fun, keeping to a perfect meter of course 🙂



Imelda’s poem is a study in classical form and content.



Kim’s poem has an unexpected twist, for me anyway. The rhythm seduces the reader into expecting a nice, gentle ending, but the poem broadens out to take on quite dramatic propotions.

Just One Small Drop


Sri’s is a tragedy of a love poem.



Merril’s poem dances very lightly over bloody battlefields and ends on a note of hope.

Song of the Stars | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings


Kerfe’s poem, a tribute to Prince and his vibrant imagery, with a gorgeous illustration which I have only just noticed has an intriguing cleft down the middle…

Purple Dreams (for Prince) | method two madness


Janice ends this week’s offerings with a beautifully paced poem that includes rhyme and uses a favourite form of mine, the cascade.

Star gazing – Ontheland


Thank you all for participating and I hope you’ll tune in again for a new challenge tomorrow.


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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

10 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Meter: the entries”

  1. I have read most of the entries and wow! they are amazing. Thank you for the challenge and for the learning. Your effort at reading and reviewing our work is much appreciated.

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