The Daily Post prompt word is twinkle. Unless I was being facetious or writing about little stars, twinkle is a word I would avoid, so I am going to hijack this prompt for publicity purposes.

So, what words would I use instead of twinkle?

There’s the glint of the dull metal of the Black Boys’ hand guns; glitter like the first sunlight Deborah sees in her life, falling through the pines on the far side of the mountains; the gleam of the guiding light that draws Oscar and the Fianna across the western ocean, and the gold brocade cushions and robes of the Green Woman’s litter; or the glow of the furnace of Moloch, the pits of Hell, the eyes of Abaddon, the home fires in Underworld.

I would describe the first spark of green life in the desert wastes when the Green Woman discovers her magic; the sparkle of the first stars to shine down on the earth when the dust and burning sands of destruction are blown away; the way the hemisphere shone like a gas bubble on a pool of putrefaction; the dazzle of light from the sword that cut through Abaddon’s darkness; the flash of a dart of power hooking a behemoth and catching a fallen angel; the shimmer of illusion as Loki shifts from fox to rat to falcon to kelpie to warrior; the flicker of pale underbellies beneath the murky brown waters of the Great River of Death; the wink of the silver cloak pin in the moonlight of Oscar’s room.

But I wouldn’t use twinkle.

You can read lots of other words that I would and have used here: 



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I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

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