Microfiction challenge Woman in the sun: the entries

Some really wonderful stories this week, with lots of different interpretations of mood and meaning. This same woman, standing watching the sun rise (set?), is the centre of such a diversity of scenarios!

I hope you’ll look in tomorrow for a new prompt. Meanwhile, here are this week’s stories.

Sarah’s interpretation features a not so charming prince.

The Woman in the Sun – modified for Jane Dougherty. | fmme writes poems

Carol’s story has a surprising twist in perspective at the end.


Michael’s woman in the sun is a very intriguing lady.

Microfiction challenge #13: Woman in the sun – Sitting With Miss Marble | Morpethroad

This world of Phylor’s has an air of mystery about it, almost familiar, but with a touch of the fantastical.

Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction #13: Inn-Woman of the Sun – Phylor’s Blog

Leara’s take is another fairytale-style story, this time explaining the sunrise.

Familia Del Sol – LearaWrites

Yudith’s story describes the precise moment in time captured by the painter.


I love the science fantasy feel to Merril’s story, and it has blue horses in it too.

At Dawn: Microfiction | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Kerfe interprets the same moment in her own way, and takes us to the edge of something momentous.

Postcard Fiction: What She Saw | method two madness

Geoff’s story explains, perfectly plausibly, why the woman in the painting is standing with her back to the spectators.

A New Dawn #microfiction #prompt | TanGental

Ken’s short piece is one of several this week that gives a meaning to the moment in time depicted in the painting, and he does it beautifully.

Forward | rivrvlogr

Kat works in the woman enjoying the glory of the sunrise into her serial which has brought us to the point where Hannah is going to have to face Henry alone.



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