Poetry challenge Circles and Cycles: the entries

You surprised and delighted me yet again, especially those of you who went back to the form and had another go at it. I’m sorry I haven’t made individual comments in this round up but I have a migraine and screen work is difficult.

Don’t forget to call in tomorrow for another prompt, and thank you all again for the beautiful poetry 🙂

Lady Lee

Poetry challenge #48: Circles and cycles – ladyleemanila


September Embers




Summer’s slipped by – circle poem for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems

Merry Maiden who is blogless but who tweets beautiful poetry here twitter.com/QueenofCups99

Abundant green
seen scattered on rich fertile earth
birthed in the richness of a golden Fall
all from branches heavy
brevity of Summer’s colors
covers Autumn’s hues redundant
Abundant green

The crow

twists and turns (20160914) – Words and Feathers


Seasons – WritersDream9





and the revised version THE FALLEN SEED – MY WALL


Poetry challenge (2): circles and cycles – The Chemicalist


By the Spiral Meet | method two madness


Cycles and Seasons | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Kat who describes this very sweet poem as ‘sappy’!!!!

hate loving you | like mercury colliding…

then another two…

Deplorable  | like mercury colliding…

Raindrop | like mercury colliding…


Poetry Challenge #48 – Circles and Cycles | Journey To Ambeth

Sekoprince, a first time contributor blogs here https://princewordsite.wordpress.com/

The season is here!
The trees harmoniously sway,
The leaves in accordance give way,
Red and green the apples fill the ground,
The season is here!

And a late arrival to the Circles and Cycles Ball from Ken, who fell asleep for a week but in now awake 🙂

Roundabout Way of Meeting a Prompt | rivrvlogr



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