Poetry challenge Painful silence: the entries

This was another new form and a more personal theme that produced a different kind of poetry for some of you. It touched on the part of us that no other person, however much they care about us, can never really reach. Thanks for responding in the way that you did. And if Ken is reading this, I may have dreamt it, but I was convinced that you sent in a poem. If you did, it’s disappeared. If not, there’s always another prompt 🙂

There’ll be another prompt tomorrow. Hope you’ll all join in 🙂


Sarah’s poem is a litany of hurt, big and small, building up to a wonderful strong finale.

Pain – for Jane Dougherty | fmme writes poems

Kat’s poem reminded me how different the pain of childbirth is to the completely unproductive pain of anything else.

Birth Story  | like mercury colliding…

Phylor’s poem is like a waking nightmare, evocative of the night fears that fade with the light.

Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge 49: When demons whisper . . . – Phylor’s Blog

I didn’t think Lady Lee would be able to resist bringing sunshine and rainbows to alleviate her painful story 🙂

Poetry challenge #49: Painful silence – ladyleemanila

In Manpreet’s poem, she shows how physical pain is only the surface of the hurt which goes far deeper than the flesh wound, and in this case, helps to change a life.


Sri’s poem draws on a recent atrocity in one of those parts of the world the rest of us can happily ignore. Thanks Sri for making me a little less ignorant.


Merril writes very touchingly about the pain of the survivor, riddled with guilt but with a burden to live for the others.

Survivor | Yesterday and today: Merril’s historical musings

Leara’s poem delves into the hopeless mess of our thoughts when a deep hurt destroys reason and there seems to be no way forward.

Trapped – Leara writes and other creative things…

Matthew’s poem is probably the darkest of all. No hope in this one, the only relief being the quiet and calm of the end.

Poetry Challenge #49 – Painful Silence | Twisted Roads of Madness

Louise’s poem, using imagery with no physical bounds, like Sarah’s reminds us that it’s partly pain that lets us know we are alive.

Life Requires Pain – Fantasy Raconteur

And here is Ken’s poem, squeezed in after the doors closed. It’s a painful poem, and it’s for real, so commiserations are called for as well as congratulations on writing a short order poem 🙂





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10 thoughts on “Poetry challenge Painful silence: the entries”

  1. Another batch of wonderful (though dark) poems!

    I wonder if the WP gremlins are at it again? I didn’t see the notification for this post, but I did see the pingback notification, so I went from there. Kat’s link here took me to an error page.

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