When sun has set and flutters not a bird,

When all is still, all sleep, feathered and furred,

It echoes in my head your last harsh word,

Tossed out with thoughtless ease, such heartache stirred,

The death of hope I wish I’d never heard.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

24 thoughts on “Sleepless”

    1. I’ll try and write something cheerier tomorrow. Unhappiness isn’t depressing though. It’s part of the human condition. We just have to pick up the pieces and move on.

      1. Maybe it’s easier for strangers to find the same things in a piece of art or a book, or whatever as they don’t have any preconceptions to influence the way they feel.

      2. That is very true. I feel it’s easier to relate with others through their art and writings. It’s where people feel they can let their guards down the most. & you’re very welcome! I look forward to reading more of your work soon!

  1. “We just have to pick up the pieces and move on.” – that’s the spirit. No point bottling up the unhappiness within. It needs a different perspective to find beauty in unhappiness. If unhappiness can be shared without any inhibitions, there will be less need of Prozac in this world.

    1. Right! It makes me think of the way there is always noise, music, and riotous laughter to accompany every get together or public gathering. As if people aren’t enjoying themselves if there isn’t fun and games to prove it. We are unhappy, even thoroughly miserable at times, but it’s the counterpoint to happiness. We shouldn’t be afraid of the periods of ‘not having a good time’. They pass, and we appreciate the happiness that follows all the more.

  2. Just when I thought you could not write anything more beautiful … you do.
    This is exquisite. They need to invent more words to describe wonder.
    The picture is also so beautiful and goes perfectly.
    Yes – Yes – Yes ! You said it all in a handful of words
    You are magic girl – you are magic xo

      1. You know you inspire me because I can see you work really hard and I also see it pays off, maybe not as literally as you’d deserve but in the long run that too I’m certain of it. Writing is discipline as much as creativity and you are a good mix of the two.

      2. And I am the world’s greatest procrastinator. I just procrastinate by writing poetry and flash fiction. Writing a novel is hard work, especially the bits that aren’t specially interesting, or when you’ve written yourself into a corner, or when you can see the story opening up into an epic of biblical proportions and you have no idea of how you’re going to get the ruddy thing to end…

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