The Secret Keeper’s weekly writing prompt provides five words to incorporate in a poem. Sometimes, I don’t get on with the words at all, and it takes a lot of work to fit them all in. Sometimes they just jump into line of their own accord. This week was one of those times. The words are



Brave are those, or foolhardy,

Who let the pure ones lead them in the dance.

For the pure have no hearts,

Their souls are cloud wisps,

And their eyes of lake water

Are cold and deep enough to drown in.

I will dance with the wilderness,

Fire-furred and velvet-padded,

Where the river tends its own banks and the sea its shore,

Sing larksong with temerity and abandon,

Soar on wings strong as the bones of the mountain,

Take the hands scented with rose and the yellow gorse,

And never let them go.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

23 thoughts on “Dancing”

  1. Wildness abounding, all lines winners, but this one my favorite “Fire-furred and velvet-padded,” Now THAT was genius!

      1. as do I. A friend of mine used to have a family who would bring their cubs out every year and she as an avid and talented photographer would capture the most wonderful images of their play. She’d send me a bunch as I am sorely in need of foxes in TX!

      2. I’m pleased to say that the neighbours (agriculteurs) in the place where we’re going to live in the Lot-et-Garonne all have notices up saying ‘interdit de chasser’. As a species, I really detest chasseurs.

  2. Re-read this today again. It also reminds me of … the may pole and that song I used to sing ‘and I lead you all wherever you shall be, and I lead you all to the dance said he’ – some song I heard a hymn maybe? Beautiful and has the mystical air of this poem so much. Just love this

    1. Lord of the Dance. There I am afraid, we have discovered a point of divergence. It’s one of those happy clappy modern hymns that the Jesus freaks and holy rollers like to smile along to.

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