Review: The Dark Citadel

Freya liked The Dark Citadel! Hooray!

Dragonscale Clippings

If you want something different to read, buy this.
I enjoy fantasy but love finding books that are different. I understand why this novel is marketed under YA fantasy; the protagonists are all young people. But, in my opinion, this is speculative fiction at its best.
Set in the future, humanity survives in the protected city of Providence. But life is controlled, dictated by the Protector, who is in turn in league with the demon Abaddon.
This is a tale of discovery and of finding oneself. Three story lines meet, separate and make new strands. Deborah, Jonah and Zach – each of them discovers new things about themselves, and each of them grows as the novel progresses. To go into detail would be to spoil a first time read. What I loved most about this story is that Dougherty creates a believable futuristic landscape inhabited by very real characters.

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