The Sea King’s wife

Creeping in at the last minute with my own story for this week’s challenge.


I told him there was no point, that she would not be coming back. The Sea King had taken back what he was owed, and no mortal man could stand in his way. I watched him from the cliff top as he put out into the wild sea, watched as the little skin boat strained against the might of the waves. I wept when the ninth wave reared up and tossed the fragile craft back towards the shore. Seven times he rowed out into the breakers, each time crying out his anger and his distress. Seven times he cried to the fairy woman to come back to him. I tore my hair and willed him to stop, but she had cast a spell on him and he forgot all the love that he had for the asking in this world.

The Sea King could have crushed him like a gnat, but he let him be. Perhaps out of pity, perhaps the fairy woman had asked him to spare her lover. How I hated them, the fairy people who are so free and easy with their loves that one more or less is of no consequence to them. Could she not have been satisfied to have the Sea King for a husband? Did she have to steal a mortal man too, the only man I had ever wanted? When the ninth waved tossed him back for the last time, I heard him scream her name, and my heart flew into my mouth when he leapt into the waves.

They pulled him from the breakers, his brothers and his kin. He will live, they say. But what use to anyone is a man without a heart?


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

10 thoughts on “The Sea King’s wife”

  1. What indeed use is anyone without a heart….I like how you ended this tale Jane, excellent writing as usual also and I agree with Merril’s comments you have great skill in including other elements into your writing….good luck with the contest…

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