Haiku challenge: Creep & Race

For Ronovan’s weekly challenge.


Evening shadows creep

mist rises from the river

day’s race almost done.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

19 thoughts on “Haiku challenge: Creep & Race”

      1. I used to be ‘all up in the haiku’ I think i’ve moved to other climbs but I tip my hat 😉

      2. Well it helps that you’re so darn good at it! (cheater) (joke) (I mean it about you being bloody good at it though!) (!!!)

      3. I don’t get haiku right usually. The thing about the hinge word escapes me completely. Sometimes it sounds right, but it’s more by good luck than good management 🙂

      4. You mean the world that binds the top or bottom? Oh my clever lady, nothing is luck with you, this I know.

      5. One word in reply to that.
        You’re MORE than good at (all) clever stuff, I don’t accept that from you of all people, no chance, nope, no, niet.
        YOU can do anything you want to do. THAT is the truth and not just my truth it’s THE truth. I think you may have misplaced your memory for it tells me of many wonderful things you have already done, far too many for anything ‘difficult’ or ‘clever’ to flumox no not you.

      6. It’s true, I really don’t get some of the subtleties of word play. Maybe I don’t try hard enough. Maybe I just like to say what I mean and not try and get another second meaning out of it. Story-telling for me is telling it straight, and I honestly do have trouble with complicated plots and sub plots. Honest 🙂

      7. You not trying hard enough? I think you must have split from the girl I know and be referring to another, for the one I know works damn hard and never lets things slip, that’s what I see, watching you and I believe the outsider always has the best vantage point 😉

      8. I do work hard when I think I’m getting somewhere, but I have to see results pretty quickly or I tend to say, sod that for a game of soldiers, and do something different 🙂

      9. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that way of working. You could not produce and keep producing such high caliber work if you were not trying and you were not talented, that’s just science 🙂 (I admire you for your work ethic, your efforts, and your output but most of all what you actually create, because many can try and their work just doesn’t stay with you long, but yours does and I hope you will have the faith to always carry on and never lack belief in yourself because you are a natural born writer of that I have absolutely NO doubt).

      10. I agree that I am a writer. I was told that in primary school and it’s what I’m good at. The problem for people who are good at something is that they can see their limitations, where they are good but not ‘great’. Someone who has no talent doesn’t see the difference. I’m good enough, handy enough with words, to see where I fall short of being memorable. Maybe it will come with hard work. If not, I’m happy enough with the level that comes naturally.

      11. Gosh that’s so true. Wow Jane thanks for that because honestly it helps, I hadn’t thought of it like that and you are so right, if you have insight you may see your limitations which is not a bad thing but a person who maybe has less talent will not see the difference. That is a most cheering way of considering this, I had been quite glum this really seemed to make a lot of sense to me, I so appreciate you my friend.

      12. You only have to look at some of the rubbish published that some writer thinks is pretty good. To press the submit button is a commitment to quality, and some writers just don’t see that their stuff isn’t ready.

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