Haiku challenge: Power & Race

For Ronovan’s weekly haiku challenge


River’s race is run,

tide draws its course to the sea,

power of the moon.

And one more topical one.

In the power race

the powerful run alone—

we walk together.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

25 thoughts on “Haiku challenge: Power & Race”

  1. Good grief! That last one! So apropos! On the eve almost of you know what over here! Very skillfully and subtly done my friend.

      1. Oh God yes I couldn’t agree more. I suspect Trump and Bernie were right that the system is hideously rigged though I would not think either of them would have done a better job but it bothers me how much money is spent and what it could be spent on instead. Here people are forced to buy health care where they pay $400 minimum a month for coverage then that is for the cheapest with a $8000 deductable so you have to pay the first eight grand out of pocket before even being covered. GREAT if you get a brain tumor, BAD if you are just slightly off then at very minimum you pay $13k a year in healthcare and people think this is GOOD? How? I pay the penalty and get no healthcare as I see no vantage to that. It disgusts me that this is held up as ‘progress’ and socialized healthcare is condemned as being too expensive and taxing (literally) when anyone who has had socialized healthcare knows you pay far less in the long run. It is an absurdity unique to America. A fear of taxation though they are taxed on their houses more than any other country I know!

      2. I learned yesterday that there is zero maternity allowance for working women in the US! If you want to have a baby, you get out of the job market. A fine example of equality in the workplace.

      3. Right? That is so ironic as feminism was stronger in America before Europe in some ways, (suffragette movement) but now it’s most certainly taken a back seat, fault of women as much as men because they feel it’s a sign of weakness, absurdity! I have heard women who are ‘proud’ to return to work in under a week from giving birth, handing their child over to carers who are strangers, and spending most of their pay check for the ‘honor’ of being a strong woman who returns to work and isn’t a ‘burden’ as they see women in this country in the workforce, hence why our healthcare is most expensive and why female products are usually 30 percent higher. Obscene. But as with anything else, until women stand together instead of competing, it won’t change. Glad to see France implentmented changes to ensure their female population found it more viable to have children when they saw their birth rates decline.

      4. I know! I was so angry when black women felt that getting a black president trumped a female president. Color before gender. Never mind that black women historically treated badly by ALL men of ALL color. I felt the greater picture was gender not race but race was more popular than gender because women do not stand together and men are absolutely not as liable to feel guilty about sexism as they are racism. I’m not saying race should not count but as you say, sexism the last bastion of bigotry should not be the last to fall and because it is, it speaks of the inherent sexism that still exists, I hear twenty somethings saying that it does not and I want to laugh but really I want to cry because when they believe this, we are lost.

      5. Right? I actually cannot understand why women would permit this. And then we’ve got porn and how many women think it’s really great to be in it. Sigh. Maybe we need a third gender for those of us who cannot relate to the other two! 😉

      6. I think the general opinion now is that there are so many nuances that gender has ceased to be a static black or white thing. Women of course, will always be (only) women.

      7. I’m still not sure how I feel about the fluidity of gender. In theory I’m all for it. I wasn’t sure why the bathroom thing was so hot over here, as I did not know there were that many transgender/transsexuals but I suppose there must be and that is why it divided the country as gay-marriage had five years previously. I don’t really have an issue with anyone being whatever they want as long as they don’t hurt others, but I do believe as you do, that when you are female you have a unique insight especially if you are a mother.

      8. As we get more and more tolerant of difference and this ‘diverse’ thing becomes more and more of a prerequisite of any writing success, simply being female is at a standstill. It’s not new, it’s not cool, and it’s sort of boring.

      9. Well said. I agree. Sometimes diversity can be incredibly over-done and boring as you say, that’s so intuitive because often we’re not allowed to say that out loud but we may think it if we permit ourselves. Equally I agree, if you want to be the next hot thing you’d better be a Pakistani refugee who is bisexual and blind. I understand it on the PC level but it can go too far. A good writer should not be kicked to the curb for being ordinary and not having a refugee status. I just read a book by a refugee in fact she won a plethora of prizes and truly her story was interesting and moving but not terribly well written, I feel that this is more a memoir than fiction and people who write stories and make up worlds should not be ignored for fashion trends.

      10. Awards seem to be given for worthy (and unworthy) reasons, but not usually on literary merit. We know that nobody reads the Goncourt winners. They might buy the book if they want to impress, but rarely read it. Most people don’t know the name of the winner and the book is forgotten before the next winner is announced. There has to be a juste milieu between the sensational and the cerebral, somewhere in the zone that we can recognize as entertaining.

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