Not entirely fair, I know. You are not alone. But you are extremely big and horribly powerful.


When the howling, screeching cheers abate,

When the jingoistic slogans cease,

Will you build a wall around the USA

And leave the rest of us in peace?


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

33 thoughts on “Please?”

  1. Dreadful news, isn’t it? And I know most US citizens would tell us to keep our noses out and I wouldn’t blame them, but thanks to the power of the States and the UK’s ‘special relationship’ with them, this will impact us too.
    Heads down for a bumpy ride

      1. You’re right, Jane. Part of the reason the result is so upsetting – Trump the Global Warming denier could spell big trouble for the planet.

      1. If he goes back on all the international agreements that have been made and applies his America First which comes down to Only America policy, the planet could well never recover.

      2. Maybe next time the Democrats will put up a candidate who appeals to the ordinary people. I know Lisa Simpson isn’t up for it, but there must be somebody as sane and down to earth as her willing to have a go.

      3. I heard some commentator say that the Democrats lost the moment Clinton appointed Kaine as her running mate. I never understood why it wasn’t Saunders. It looked like a slap in the teeth for all the people who would have preferred him.

    1. Yes, exactly, Ken. Obama and HRC made such gracious speeches today. Hers was truly inspiring, and I can’t help but think if the election had gone the other way, DT would never have behaved so well.

    1. I know that, and that’s why we can all feel your shock and horror. We are experiencing the same phenomena. The gulf between rich and poor widening, the political class knowing nothing and caring nothing about anyone outside of it, treating politics like a lucrative meal ticket, and the discontented masses using their vote like a weapon. We’ll all get out Trumps, some countries have already got them, but none of them will be as cataclysmic as yours.

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