Moonlit stones

Another twitter flow poem


Lay it to rest, the love that died,

plant a yew tree at its heart,

let it be and let it grow,

no regrets, no pleas to start anew,

let tomorrow blossom free.


Moonlight wanders on the lake,

silver water laps the shore.

Where did it go the moonlit love,

gone with the dreams I dream no more?


In the old stone, voices whisper,

memories of warmth and fire.

Should I kindle the cold hearth’s flame

I will add my words one day to theirs,

for stone lives longer than our puny bones,

its ageless silence softer than our raucous songs.


 I will never be the cold stone in the path,

the branch that snags,

the stinging wasp.

For you, I will always be

the sun on the grass,

the morning dew,

and the lark singing

where the river meets the sea.



Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

12 thoughts on “Moonlit stones”

    1. I often use twitter prompts to spark poems. To respond to the prompt, it has to be less than 140 characters, but I sometimes embroider them a bit afterwards. The poems tend to be along the same theme, probably because that’s the line I’m thinking along.
      There are probably dozens of these prompts but I only follow five or six of them.

  1. I love this poem Jane…especially the last stanza…it’s beautiful in itself and also brings somewhat of a turn (surprising and not) at the end

    1. Thank you Janice 🙂 The prompt was, I think, ‘I will never’ and it took the turn it did probably because of the preceding bits. That’s the interesting thing with the twitter prompts. I’m glad you like the final result.

  2. My favorite lines: Lay it to rest, the love that died, / plant a yew tree at its heart,
    VERY well done. I like the prompt I can see how you were able to forge this beauty from that prompt – and I’m a sucker for the idea of love transcending time and staying always in the light. Very lovely.

      1. It’s published but I don’t have the files as it was a co-authored collection and I didn’t do the formatting. I can just let you have the word doc if that’s okay.

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