The great Dublin Decoded tour voucher arrives, but on sale this Thurs 15th only!

What to do on the 15th.

Arran Q Henderson

We’ve been threatening to do this for nearly three years.  We’ve been asked to do it for easily the last 4 or 5 years.  Now we’ve finally gone and done it. The great Dublin Decoded tour voucher has arrived.  The ultimate fun informal date event voucher. The ultimate gift for the fine arts lover, history/ local history buff or architecture aficionado already in your life.  The best way to get onto our fabulous Treasure hunts during 2017.  It’s here.


The voucher entitles the bearer (you)  to 2 places on any public Dublin Decoded walking tour.  If you decide to use it on one of our Treasure Hunts as the voucher is also valid for any pair of adults, or indeed any family group, an adult or  indeed any 2/3 adults (how generous is that!?)  with up to 3 children.  (Kids aged 7-14 work best on these treasure hunts)  The Treasure…

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