And in the doorways of the town,

with skulking cats and litter blown,

a world of drawn and withered men

with roughened hands and wine blown skin,

and raddled women wrinkled red,

sit in silence waiting for

the wind to cease, the sun to shine,

and one of all the passing crowd,

the rushing faces turned away,

to stop and smile and say, hello.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

16 thoughts on “Meanwhile”

      1. Meant to say more and got interrupted. What I meant to add was, I think the cracks are there and most of the time we just ignore them; maybe what with the idea of giving and good cheer and so on they are more apparent by contrast right now. In any case, your poem really told the story. Very to the point. Meaningful to me.

      2. I’m finding all this good cheer and love to all men business harder and harder to take. If you wish people happiness at Christmas how can you slap them in the teeth for the rest of the year?

      3. Hypocrisy defined. And so easy to live with for so many. I take the holiday season with a big grain of salt. I’m not a popular guest if you get me started so I keep quiet. I can say, best hopes for 2017 and I will do my best, too.

      4. Husband and I have decided this is the last year we put ourselves through this. Next year we are doing nothing. Anyone who wants to call in and say hello will be made welcome, but no more presents, no more big, set piece meals that we end up both preparing and clearing away afterwards after dodging the missiles flying from one and of the table to another.

      5. This was our plan this year and it was working out until my husband fell down the stairs and we went to the hospital. Ugh. Not what you mean, I know! But i agree with your idea. It is so easy for this season to overwhelm.

      6. Thank you. Unfortunately, his injuries were fairly serious – totally torn quadriceps tendon in the left leg and badly sprained ankle on the right. Braces on both legs and not really able to walk. We will be seeing the surgeon this week. 4-6 months healing time. I did tell him not to walk down the stairs carrying those boxes…but you are right. We are together and even laughing a bit about our Xmas lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches in the hospital cafeteria. It will all go ok.

      7. I’m sorry he’s in such a state. My husband badly sprained an ankle falling down stairs a couple of years ago and it took ages to heal. In fact it was very dodgy for a long time after the theoretical healing. Both legs out of action is no fun. I hope you’re still smiling about it come the spring.

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