New toy

Some of you may remember that a couple of years ago I bought my first ever mobile phone, a little Wiko Goa. It was tiny but it did the job, and it had a camera that I was thrilled to bits with. When it liked the lighting, it took gorgeous photos. Unfortunately, in June of last year it stopped receiving emails, and sending me the photos it took was taking days, literally. it got very possessive of its pics and in the end, refused to part with them at all. So I treated myself to a new phone, an ultra cheap Chinese phone but which claims to have a super camera.

I’ve had it for a fortnight now, and tried out the camera during the freezing cold miserable weather we’ve been having. I was a bit disappointed with the result; everything looked over-exposed. However, on fiddling about with it this morning, I discovered I’d had the flash turned on all the time, and it actually takes pretty good photos for a โ‚ฌ60 phone.

These are the photos I took this morning.

Sky fish


Every time I stop, Finbar jumps over the parapet. Even though the tide is coming in, it’s not the moment to fall in.


Pont de Pierre east-facing.


Pont de Pierre shady side.ย  bridge2

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I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

31 thoughts on “New toy”

      1. I’ve heard of that one. Husband has always said, you don’t need a camera. What’s the point of lugging two gadgets around with you? Just get a phone with a decent camera. I don’t think he realises how much a ‘good’ phone costs. He makes do with the kids’ cast offs.

      2. My phone is 20 years old, makes and receives texts and calls on a PAYG basis which is good enough for me as it’s just a means of contact. Our previous cameras were supermarket specials but after a year or so, they failed one way or another, so we spent an extra twenty quid and got this one.

      3. I don’t have any use for most of the stuff a smart phone can do like watching films, playing games (playing games!!!!) using FB etc or anything really that isn’t what an old fashioned phone used to do. The camera is what makes it interesting.

    1. I’m biased, but I reckon it is a good story. Funnily enough, the agents who’ve been quickest to reject it are the ones who say they’re looking for alternate history, medieval fantasy, Celts, Norse epic fantasy. One even wanted sea monsters too. You give ’em what they ask for and they turn their noses up ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I think there’s a discrepancy between what people want to read and what agents push, thinking they’ll create the next mig thing. I’ve noticed that often the people asking for stories that sound like mine are editors rather than agents. They want what already sells, not a new fad that might or might not take off.

  1. Last year, on knowing I was going away to spend some time in country I knew to be beautifully photogenic, I decided that I wanted to buy a new camera. I tried so many, trying hard to keep within my budget as my finger played with lenses, switches, shooting modes, automatic and manual focusing methods and so on. I settled on a reconditioned model which cost me less than I had expected to spend but seemed simple enough to operate and which seemed to sit comfortably in my hand but which was small enough to fit in a pocket, whether walking about town or running in the hills.
    I spent a happy week taking pictures, hundreds, of animals and people, places and the most beautiful countryside.
    It sits in my desk now, and daily I take pictures, all on my phone. I think, in many respects it is better, if for no other reason than for the convenience of being able to take pictures without having to remember to take out my camera. Yet there are days when I would rather have the camera than to be connected to the wider world; lying on the beach at 6am waiting for the sun to rise.
    Whether the camera or the phone costs โ‚ฌ50, of โ‚ฌ500 however, it matters not. The best photgraph I have ever taken was with a second hand camera which is now 37 years old. It is not the camera that sees the photograph, no matter how expensive the camera.
    Just as a story, or poem, will be no different when written with the sub of a pencil or a Mont Blanc.
    Keep taking beautiful pictures and writing brilliantly.

    1. You are perfectly right. The best photos I took were on the very first camera I ever owned, bought in 1982 and in use until the light meter gave out a few years ago. Not 37 years but long enough to make me think I’d never take a decent photograph without it. However, technology is only wires and batteries. So many other things make a moment ‘good’. I’ll certainly keep on keeping on and try to make some of it worthwhile ๐Ÿ™‚

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