Dark is the night


Dark is the night and wild is the wind,

And fierce are the waves that batter the shore,

And loud are the voices of dead from the deeps,

The dead whose homes they will never see more.


Bitter the spray that blows in the wind,

Sour the taste of the pools black as night,

And wild runs the hare on the meadow tonight,

For there’s no one to hunt by the pale moonlight.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

25 thoughts on “Dark is the night”

  1. DEAR LORD she has done it again! I think it must be the Migraine Chronicles AND the ghost of Tennyson in you, but these dramatic GORGEOUS poems that surface quite frequently (luckily for me) are just OUT OF THIS WORLD beautiful and so, so accomplished. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

    1. Thank you, Candice! I think it’s the wind. It’s been blowing a gale for days now, whipping the river into waves and howling like the damned. It gets to me. The animals don’t like it either. I think they see ghosts.

      1. I WISH it were California my friend! (alas, I think anywhere but TX!) though i’d be a little afraid of the cost of living and the earthquakes I may well risk it! (now you bring up skiing my favorite all time thing that I never do!) xo

      2. They do! Sensitive dogs hate the wind. They won’t go out in it and they howl when they’re left outside. Finbar raises his head and sniffs, one front paw raised, and nudges me to take him home. They see and they smell and they hear things that we can’t.

      3. I’ve never had a dog though I think I had heard something to this effect. They are very sensitive, I could well believe they DO see things we do not. Finbar is a super name btw. I sometimes wish I could see and hear and feel things others could not like that, but it might be maddening too.

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