Ghost cat

For the dVerse prompt—a quadrille using the word ghost.


I see you on the roof at night

when moonlight silvers smooth red tiles

and hear your cry, so distant now.

You sniff the rose we planted

on the place you lie.

Soon, I say, we will all be fallen petals.

Sleep, ghost cat.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

57 thoughts on “Ghost cat”

  1. a ghost cat….I think the strangest thing about cats is that once yours is gone, you see him again and again because so many look so alike. Your cat here looks just like our Inkan who we had in the 1970s! Ghost cat 🙂

    1. Did he say ‘Now!’ when you got the cat food out? If people can come back in a different incarnation, I imagine cats can come back too. And they would never tolerate coming back as anything but another cat.

    1. They don’t live long enough and we live too long maybe. I know older people who’ve had animals all their lives, but won’t ‘get another cat/dog’ because they couldn’t bear yet another loss.

  2. Such a sweet poem, and a wonderful photo. What a gorgeous (ghost) cat, and much beloved, it sounds like. The poem brought a tear to my eye for my own ghost cats. Fallen petals, indeed/

  3. We have a 15 year Tom called Keezie Moto, and yes, his presence is so strong, he’ll never really leave us–ghost gato indeed.

  4. This brought back a memory of my first cat visiting me after she passed. I actually felt her footsteps on my blanket which woke me up in a startle. It felt so real. 🙂

    1. I had the same sensation with our first cat. We’ve moved three times since he died, but I still sometimes feel him curled up at the bottom of the bed. He was the only one ever allowed to do that.

      1. We used to see one of the other cats jumping up at the window. Never heard him, just saw the rapid movement. I don’t know if it’s a residual memory or if there really is something that we give form to. What’s certain is that they leave their mark.

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