For Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tales, a strange one (138 characters).



Orangehead hung onto the post with his failing strength but the earthwinds, too strong for his wispy frame, dispersed his atoms like mist.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

18 thoughts on “Smokeman”

  1. I love the picture you created with this Jane…disbursing atoms like mist. (Of course I couldn’t help but read into your tale my own idea of who “orangehead” is. This made his misty end all the more wonderful! 😉 )

      1. By ‘you’ I really meant the Lee Harvey Oswalds and Wilkes Booths among you. As you say, you have plenty of home-grown crazies with guns. What are they waiting for?

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