Up there, in the sky

A second message from the oracle, exciting rather than ominous. No clue as to the undersea symphony though.


Up there, in the skyscreen-shot-2017-03-04-at-15-35-30

some secret star wakes.

Its rhythm throbs,

slow as poison,

steely dark and smoke soft,

dancing away the night,

ice hot, fire cool,

melting like liquid marble.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

68 thoughts on “Up there, in the sky”

      1. When you speak of universe, are you only talking about near or all?

        My theories about space an time, one
        would have to say,

        has been evolving…

        i’m also liking this conversation!

        hugs & kisses chris

      2. The universe passes our understanding which is why it’s so wonderful. Somewhere there must be life and if there isn’t yet, there will be.
        We have made such a bollox of our tiny earth I hope any other intelligent life keeps well away from us.
        We have too many trigger-happy leaders who’ve seen too many space movies.

      3. Darling,

        would you believe me,

        ifinn i said yes there is life else where,
        an that we are a young if not held back
        sentient beings…

        Some have come an gone, other run from something or something they done them selves…

        i believe there was a time we were protected, however not any more, which scares me why that reason has changed?

        Now did hear any of this from me!




      4. It is in my honest belief that the only way is: “KEEP NO SECRETS”

        Let’s be what human evolution was meant to be…

        We have had the opportunity to have passed through the organic human being…

        Who i?

        70% human & 30% unknown..

        Simply i am “ME”

      5. i don’t believe in a god, the way society see’s their man made god, however father Christmas an the Tooth Fairy damn, all the way……..

        kiss kiss chris

      6. One could say;

        i’m @ war with the church,
        mostly the second pope,
        whom has burned me 96 times
        by the stake!

        i’ve an extremely old daughter home convinced some old nightwalkers,

        so that i may have one-hundred day walkers..

        Watched not finding me four times,
        it was poetry, how i was found…

        Crazy story, won’t you say…

      7. Darling, i was not stating about your biological heart, more so about the inner centering heart of one’s essence…

        Has in our conversation,
        would you believe that i have a grade six education?

      8. And some are trapped, by inheriting the fear of another’s crime…

        i’ve paid a price, possibly never to see my daughters lov ever again… Sad, but all good…

      9. Are we talking about my daughter?

        i won’t give-up,

        i’ve already given up more than needed…

        Now she i a women, whom makes her own choices…

        i always understood the word “NO”

      10. One great mother, an
        three little ones

        hidden within
        Vancouver city…

        True story…


        when the young fly,
        because of their size,
        from a distance,
        they look like seagulls…

      11. i ran across them, throughout my drugging travel’s…

        This was a couple of years ago,
        they grown, most likely,

        i’m not sure, but i think that i’ve seen them hunting throughout the city..

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