A time of growing

This haibun is for the dverse prompt, a forest, natural, restful scene. An ode to peace, I suppose.

Sun through mist

Evening fills the bottom of the meadow with mist and the orange rays of the setting sun. Sky, turquoise, darkens, deepens, and the owls fly, broad-winged where buzzards soared. I sit on the untidy wall where the house ends and the field begins, and the trees bend and sigh in the breeze, and I listen. I listen to the eerie woodwind of the orioles fluting in the golden air, a music from another world.

At the bottom of the meadow, where the stream flows over shallow stones between the roots of willow and poplar, shadows grow. And in the shadows, the quick, bright, high-stepping dance of a red fox. Moon rises and the stars. As many as the leaves in the trees. The music flutters and fades and silence falls. Peace, in this place at least, rises like the moon and the river mist, and all things are in their rightful place.

A time of growing,

music sweeps over green shoots—

silent, the owl hunts.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

35 thoughts on “A time of growing”

      1. And that I understand as well. When we finally did get unstuck, we wondered why we had not done it sooner. And it is only 15 minutes more time to where my husband works. He oddly takes a scenic route that is the same length of time as the “busy” route. go figure.

      2. I can quite understand taking the scenic route. What’s a few extra minutes? Our place is an hour and a half out of town so quite an upheaval, especially for the schools. Soon, though.

  1. All the leaves on all the trees on the planet could not approximate the clusters of stars in a clear night sky. Stars, many of them extinct, but still the light travels toward us. The cosmos is comprised of universes beyond universes to infinity. But yes, a rural home comes close to recreating the spiritual high we need.

  2. I love this description, Jane: I listen to the eerie woodwind of the orioles fluting in the golden air, a music from another world. So many of us brought sound into our haibuns. Also the well-crafted haiku showcased the contrast between growth and the predatory behavior of the owl–the circle of life.

  3. We have a fox in the neighbourhood that scouts about at night. I’ve seen it a few times, and it saw me once – our eyes met and held. It was magical. And then it trotted off down the street. I enjoyed your haibun very much.

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