Grey as a deep sea pearl

For the dVerse prompt. Impressionist maybe.

The painting, by August Macke isn’t Impressionist but it’s a red geranium and I like it.


Grey as a deep sea pearl,

dull glints in the rainy air,

stony, stony light hangs,

singing with damp,

and one stray beam

trickles through spongy cloud,

slides like butter

through alley shadows,

slips over crooked sills

and leaden smears

of window panes,

to touch the fire

of a geranium flower.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

55 thoughts on “Grey as a deep sea pearl”

      1. I’m wondering why so many at dverse didn’t comment on my poem. I did on their poems but perhaps my poem was too unknown in content (mythology) for most of dverse folk. I will learn from this and avoid mythology with dverse from now on.

      2. I haven’t commented on many because I’ve only just got back. It maybe depends how close to the front of the list you are. Numbers 30 onwards are not going to get as many visits and the first five.

      3. That doesn’t sound fair at all. Some post early and are in the top five spots. Well, here are those I don’t read because generally I don’t like their poetry…but I don’t do this right out of the gates. I read for a while and if it doesn’t spring anything in me, I don’t comment. Or I have commented on some and told them why I don’t think it’s poetry. I have come across a few that were junk. I do believe that the ‘official’ pub tenders should always make the attempt, whether they like the poet or the poetry. A bit of honesty would help.

      4. That’s one of the problems with this kind of time-limited prompt. I read the prompt when it arrives in my box and there are already at least 8 entries already. They must get instant inspiration. If we didn’t post as soon as the poem was dashed of in first draft just to get it posted before the rush, we might write better poems. You’re right about the criticism too. There is no criticism, just praise. It’s also too wrapped up in courtesy. Yes it is polite to ‘return the favour’ but if you don’t like the poem, the comment is just anodyne and inoffensive. It’s a hard line to tread between being courteous and being dishonest.

  1. I love the way you build up the grey shades, Jane, until the bright flame of geranium. My favourite lines have to be:
    ‘stony, stony light hangs,
    singing with damp’
    ‘slides like butter
    through alley shadows’.

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