Microfiction: Take it, take another little piece of…

A not very serious story for a painting prompt I can’t take very seriously either.


“Take it,” she said.

“Do it,” the baby said.

“No,” said the ewe. “I don’t want to become a cat sheep.”

“Just stop arguing,” she said, “and take the tablet.”

“It won’t hurt,” the baby said, “much. And anyway, when you have claws and teeth you’ll be able to take it out on the wolves.”

“Look,” said the ewe, “I don’t want to ‘take it out’ on anyone. All we need is a pen. You provide shepherds and a pen for the night time and we’ll be fine. Until you send us to the slaughterhouse anyway.”

“Don’t be smart,” the baby said. “It’s time you learned to look after yourselves. Claws and teeth and a snarky temperament and the wolves won’t stand a chance.”

The ewe sighed. “I’m a sheep. Lambkins here’s a sheep. We eat grass, not… That’s a point. What do they eat?”

A low sound, somewhere between a growl and a purr made the woman turn.

“Ma’am! Call the guards! It’s got little Jimmy!” the governess screamed, tugging ineffectually at a child’s pinafore. A dozen woolly individuals stopped prowling around the corpse of their sister and turned their attention to the human drama.

The woman sighed heavily and tut-tutted as the cat sheep dragged the shrieking toddler down the field to the waiting pack flock, and the baby smirked.

“I always hated Jimmy,” he said.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

37 thoughts on “Microfiction: Take it, take another little piece of…”

  1. Such a funny take on the prompt. I love the baby’s attitude, especially. I was confused by the bit about the sheep and the corpse of their sister, though; what did I miss? Did that happen prior to the start of the story, and was the reason this sheep might want revenge?

    1. It’s all in the picture. The artist seems to have had some strange ideas about sheep. There’s one that appears to be dead, and the others look as though they’ve been crossed with big cats.

  2. Dementedly brilliant – but absolutely purr-fect (sorry sorry, slap me) for the painting! Loved the tone, style and content from start to finish Jane 🙂

      1. you’re right – the more I was looking at the painting, the more I was seeing …. even some of those “sheep” look like weird odd polar bears …. almost ….. LOL 😉

      2. there is that “animal predator” thing going on for sure …. highly odd, but certainly makes an interesting topic ….

      3. I posted another odd one today. There are some really weird paintings around if you rummage about a bit. Hard to imagine a painter a) getting the idea b) spending weeks and months painting it c) selling it. No accounting for taste I suppose.

      4. LOL – there are tons of “odd works” out there …. the pool is large from which to fish ….. 😉

        I’m going to get to the new post …. eventually …. I’m behind in everything – tra-lalalala …. LOL …. ah well …..

        hope you’re having a wonderful afternoon and evening Jane 🙂

      5. downhill even as the seasons change for the better?? LOL – okay. In a few weeks, we’ll still have snow kicking around …. so spring finally arriving? more than welcomed 🙂

      6. We’re in different temperature zones. It’s warm here and everything’s in leaf. The cherry blossom and all the bulbs are more or less over, the wistaria is out and the apple blossom. Some things never stopped flowering like pansies and primroses. The roses are all in bud and in a month they’ll all be finished too. Makes me sad to think of it!

      7. Yes, I had inlaws in England, and so often, at this time, everything was going mad – and we’d be in the middle of a (shudder) snow storm/blizzard ….. so it sometimes does make for odd thoughts and pairings – but I suppose it could be far worse. I couldn’t imagine living in a climate that is desert like – or faces extreme droughts, like parts of California, or Africa. I’d be so lost without plants and green around me. So I guess best to just enjoy it while it’s there, right? Stock pile on the good images and feelings for those rainy days to come.

      8. There’ll be plenty of rain, that’s for sure. It’s a good climate here. I’m not complaining, would just like spring to last longer. If it started in January that would be fine 🙂

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