Home in a mist

For dverse, a quadrille—a poem of exactly 44 words.


Some places are always grey

In memory, veiled in cloud,

Drizzle mists with heartless spray

Sodden hills, a sullen shroud.


Yet these hills are glorious green,

And yellow gorse beside the stream,

Closer to heaven never seen,

For this is home, beyond the dream.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

44 thoughts on “Home in a mist”

  1. Seems like a tribute to my WA state–gray/grey, dark with heavy bellied clouds–yet when the sun splashes break through the swiss cheese cumulus, beauty swells up like toadstools between drizzles.

  2. I was admiring yellow gorse on my way to and from Cardiff over the weekend – it reminds me of my childhood when my parents lived a Burgh Heath and my grandmother took me to visit them.

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  4. Such a vivid contrasts between the first and second stanza ~ I believe that the mind frames our external views, either with greyness or brightness ~ I love that glorious green of nature ~

  5. Nice meter and rhyme and praise of home which is always closer to heaven if the home has heart. I had to look up “gorse”. I’ve heard it before, but figured I might as well find out what it means. I assume it’s a kind of legume.

    1. Thanks Frank 🙂 Gorse is a yellow flowering shrub that grows on poor soil, near the sea or on heathland and mountains. It has a sweet scent and is evocative of northern landscapes.

  6. Took me to England in Springtime as I first saw it. Made me homesick for the home that isn’t mine but heart-adopted. I love it so and yet..not there but here where my life is. Beautiful, crisp and terse poetry that gets everything in focus.

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