Sunday Strange: The Baby Strikes Back

This tale cuts the cutesie picture down to size. To recap on Baby’s debuts, you might want to read this short story which will refresh your memory.


Baby thought he was pretty special, destined for greatness, Ruler of the Universe probably, especially when his elder brother Jimmy fell foul of one of Baby’s genetic experiments, leaving Baby the eldest child. But Mother explained that in this world, only girls count. Baby would never become Ruler.

Mother never did have a girl. After Baby, came another two boys. Jack and Tom, thick as shit in a bucket, both of them, were easily persuaded to take the pretty sweetie. A much easier job than it had been to get the smart arse sheep to take it. The servants had been horrified, of course, and gone running to fetch Mother. Baby shrugged. He felt the time was right to take the logical next step.

With Jack and Tom in attendance, their dumb-wit eyes goggling, Baby trapped the power between his palms and wished very hard. He had no more need for sugar-coated pills. Not even Mother was able to do what he had done, had she? Jack nodded in agreement and wagged what passed for a tail. Tom just looked, the tip of his tongue poking out like a right shitbrains.

Baby brought his palms tight together, just like the magicians used to do before Mother got rid of them. He felt the power to change and transform squidge and squirm against his flesh. His eyes rolled and he fought to remain conscious. The squirming became a digging and delving, a hot, icy cold shiver of heat, and when it stopped, Baby was a girl!

She shook her curls and flexed her muscles, quivering with kick-ass, and Jack backed off the bed. Tom eyed the buttered toast. The door was flung open and Mother stood in the doorway, more agitated than Baby had ever known her before. She saw instantly what had happened and opened her mouth to squeal something obvious and idiotic like, “You’ve been messing with genetic engineering again!” But she never had a chance. Baby clapped her palms together once more and Mother rolled onto the breakfast tray, a smooth, fresh egg.

“Now for some real fun,” Baby said with a diabolical cackle and picked up a teaspoon.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

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