Wishing you were here, maybe

The dverse prompt is to write a postcard poem. Not wishing to show favouritism, I’ve written four poems, or postcards to different people from different people in different places.


You’re there,

and I’m here,

and all around,

the gulls fly,

like they did when you

were here



It’s hot here, and the sea is blue,

the sand is hot, the mosquitoes bite,

and the blue sea rolls up the hot sand

and back again.

The sun sets,

we put salve on our burns,

drink too much sangria

and try to sleep,

then we go back out

in the hot sun on the white sand

and watch the blue sea roll

and wish for something else.



There’s nothing here to speak of,

lots of old trees sighing in the breeze

full of birds making weird noises,

nothing to do all day

except watch the light change and the hawks fighting,

and at night the sky is so bright with stars you can’t sleep.

It’s not worth saying where it is,

you won’t find it mentioned in the guide books,

it’s not signposted and the road isn’t safe.

So please don’t worry if you can’t visit us,

we’ll understand.


It’s lovely here and hot.

The food is hot and the hotel is lovely.

There’s a pool and the water’s hot.

The people are lovely, but we can’t understand them.

We went for a trip to the bazaar.

It was hot but lovely.

Having a lovely time.

Looking forward to coming home.

Love xxx


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

43 thoughts on “Wishing you were here, maybe”

  1. I love the different voices in these, and I also see it as the way our viewpoint and attitude can so easily change. They could be from four different places; they could be from four different people in the same place. Postcards DELIGHT me.

  2. I agree with De – different voices, different places . I really like the lines:
    ‘nothing to do all day
    except watch the light change and the hawks fighting,
    and at night the sky is so bright with stars you can’t sleep’.

  3. A quartet of postcards from the hedge; nice you wrote more than one. I considered that but got stuck in space.

      1. Thx. Oh, yes. We used OIKOS in the style of the old greek word for “home” and “home community”. 😉 The only word we could grab for marketing purposes. 😉 Michael

  4. We tailor the postcards we write to each individual…great job…but when you put “maybe” in the title I was thinking there must be a lot of bird droppings per the photo, so might not
    be as much fun 😉

  5. What a brilliant idea! Like whimsy said i loved the different voices and the humor! This reminded me of postcards from the edge but funnier and remember that uncle in India who wrote his grandson and illustrated the envelopes? Very entertaining and original great post!

    1. Ha yes! Reminds me my kids who would do drawings and fold them up, add an address, draw a stamp on the front, and put them in the post box. One was actually delivered which shows that the French postal service has a sense of humour.

      1. Incredible! Back in the day the postal service was very obliging, I recall someone painting a rock and sending it to me at University. Nowadays if you don’t have everything perfect they kick it back (a good metaphor for life in 2016 I suspect) I often wonder at the loss of these things, we do not have ‘letters’ we do not have ‘postcards’ we do not have ‘mix tapes’ and all of those things, how can they be replicated and cherished as we used to, via email? Just not the same. Sanitized is the word that comes to mind. Your postcard poem (I realize it was a prompt but I thought it was genius to write different versions to different people that just MADE the prompt) got me thinking more on this. I think we should rekindle these things as much as possible. Then again the price of postage these days! Bet your kids were terrifically creative, taking a leaf from their inspiring mum.

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