Into the gold I would go

Off NaPo prompt today, this one is inspired by watching a couple of peregrine falcons over the river bank this morning. An entry for the dverse open link night.

Photo©Stefan Berndtsson


Into the gold I would go, not the dark,

though my feet are trapped in the mist

that wells from the depths of the past,

heavy as sorrow and sluggish with grey tears.

Into the gold with the falcon I’d soar,

imperator that peers from unseen perch,

balanced on the buffeting wind,

and sees no mist, no remorse,

just the heat rising from trembling prey.

I would wade in the gold of happiness,

shake off the dead and dried kelp that clings,

look beneath stones and find bright stars,

sow pools of mirror-light in my wake.

Where the melting day star falls with weary grace

into the open arms of the sea,

between the diamond-speckled blue of space

and the rolling, roaring swell of the waves,

I will follow, falcon-winged and sleek,

bathed in the golden light of the sun

and the silver of the moon.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

20 thoughts on “Into the gold I would go”

  1. “balanced on the buffeting wind,” and “I would wade in the gold of happiness,”
    Both of those so loaded with imagery and feeling. Great word choices throughout. Watching birds is interesting and send imagination flying. Lovely post

    1. Thanks Phil 🙂 There’s something uplifting about falcons. Not sure what it is since they have the reputation of being pretty stupid as birds go, but they are so full of grace and power.

  2. Oh no, Jane! Falcons are smart next to Red Tail Hawks.. LOL!~ But that might be our human judgement. Look what they do….climb hundreds of feet up and tuck and roll and pull themselves out of the dive before smacking the ground. LOL! That sounds like intelligence to me. I couldn’t do it.

    Loved the imagery in this poem. I get lost in it all your poems, Jane. Your words feed the soul.

    1. Thank you, Jane 🙂 It was a falconer who told me about the different birds of prey from the point of view of a human being trying to teach them things that were really alien to them. Some of them (eagles in particular) he said were really hard to train. For me, that isn’t necessarily as sign of lack of intelligence, it’s refusal to be mastered.

  3. That theme of predator/prey is so evocative for me right now as we watch our neighborhood baby ducklings diminish thanks to the hawks and coyotes. The circle of life, the balance of nature.

    1. As long as there is a balance, we just have to stand back and let it work itself out. We tend to welly in though with our big guns and poisons and tip everything out of kilter.

  4. Ohh this is absolutely splendid!❤️ Especially enamored by; “I would wade in the gold of happiness, shake off the dead and dried kelp that clings, look beneath stones and find bright stars, sow pools of mirror-light in my wake.” Beautifully executed!❤️

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