Read ‘The Pathfinders Series, Book 1: Abomination’ for 99p/c from 20th to 26th April – PLUS…

A blatant promotion post on Chris’s wonderful blog!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Apart from my self-published fantasy series, The Green Woman, I also have a YA post-apocalyptic (or apocalyptic, depending on how you look at it) with Finch Books, The Pathfinders.

Great news!

From TODAY, April 20thFinch Books are swinging into promotion mode.

This will be my first proper, big, professional promotion,

with a BookBub also featured deal TODAY

and some FB ads as well.

The first volume of The Pathfinders Series


is reduced to 99p/c

and the sequels,

Devastation and Revelation

are reduced to £2.99/$3.99

for this week

starting TODAY

I have review copies available of books two and three, so if you read Abomination, leave a review, and would like a copy of the next volume, just let me know.

Remember, the promotion starts TODAY, April 20th (in case you’d forgotten).

Don’t miss it!

Abomination blurb

As the end of the world begins, Carla…

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