Tonight there are waves in the wind


Tonight there are waves in the wind,

An ocean of salt-feathered wings,

As graceful as fish, silver-finned.

Tonight there are waves in the wind,

Grey gulls to the wild clouds are pinned,

While the tide as it flows inland sings—

Tonight there are waves in the wind,

As graceful as fish, silver-finned.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

35 thoughts on “Tonight there are waves in the wind”

      1. Nice way of putting it. I think I understand that feeling well. I like the idea of a poem existing ‘all of words’ which doesn’t make sense literally but really makes sense in a poetic sense – I do get it. I thought it lovely.

      2. In my humble way, I try every poem to, sometimes I am more successful – but you do have a way of helping us understand which speaks to your ability to convey complexity without losing your reader.

      3. I admit that I don’t always understand the emotions in your poems. They are deep and personal and we can’t ‘get’ everything. But sometimes you create a flood of images that is really astounding, then there’s no need to try to understand, the images say it all.

      4. You are one of the best and brightest girls because even when you don’t ‘get’ my navel-gazing albatross of emotions you are supportive, encouraging and honest and nobody could ever wish for more of a friend.

      5. I promise I won’t ever pretend to understand what I don’t. It isn’t ever a disparagement anyway. Lack of common experience maybe, but never lack of artistic merit.

      6. I know that. You are not disparaging at all you are honest. If I could make more people as honest as you I might not be such a jaded grump ! 😉 I find it very necessary and sadly rare!

      7. It isn’t even that people don’t want to offend by being honest. The serial praisers I suppose actually want to be liked. Insincere praise is counter-productive in every sense.

      8. A ‘proper’ poet probably wouldn’t think that was such a good thing. Like pressing the like button on FB. It pleases me though. Who wants to be obscure?

      9. I do! I mean in the literal not the social sense. 😉 Well … maybe not I dunno. I guess it’s better to be selectively adored than mass-market in terms of value but yeah sure, we earn more if we are universal. Speaking of universal, there’s a package winging itself to you as we speak 😉

  1. Your poetry always has an ethereal feel to it, and vivid imagery, but one thing which rarely gets commented on yet makes a huge impact on how a poem sounds and feels to say is the alliteration assonance and sibilance, something which you do so well, and which makes the language roll around the mouth so satisfyingly! 😁 Didn’t expect that from me did you? But actually, I prefer that to rhyming.

    1. That was quite a long comment from the student, yes 🙂 It’s the way it sounds when it’s read aloud that makes or breaks the kind of poetry I (and you too, I think) prefer. If it reads like a song, it’s done its job 🙂

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