What would I give?

The dverse prompt today is a real challenge. I can write rhyming ballads like breathing, but I’ve never done a nasty one before. This ended up as sweetly sad as usual, but following Kim’s instructions, I changed the last lines and hopefully changed the tone too.

Miranda - The tempest, by John William Waterhouse

What would I give to have you with me,

To sit beneath the scented rose tree,

And watch together the rolling river,

As moonlight glitter bathes us in silver.


Years I would offer of this poor lifetime,

If you’d come back and promise to be mine,

But the rose is falling, fading its scent,

And you never told me where you went.


Your smile was so easy, your mouth ripe and red,

I thought that you loved me though you never said,

We dallied all spring till you went away,

One last kiss you gave me and bid me to stay.


One more day I’ll linger on this grassy bank,

For autumn is coming with mists damp and dank,

In my bones I feel I’ll not see the spring,

Weary of watching for what the tides bring.


Should you come back and I should be dead,

You’ll find I’m still waiting to pour on your head

The lees of the bitter cup you made me drink,

And beneath cold waves I’ll see that you sink.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

44 thoughts on “What would I give?”

      1. I liked the twist at the end. You do write devilish in stories. I’m thinking of some evil babies and real estate agents.

        This is a fun prompt. Maybe I can get to it later in the week. 🙂

  1. Oh, that’s some twist, Jane! I love the way you built it up. At first it reads like a love poem, and then I started to think that the speaker had done something terrible but you saved the best until last!

    1. It was a standard love and loss type ballad until I remembered it was supposed to be wicked, not sad, and I had to rewrite the last two verses. Glad you can’t see the join 🙂

      1. It reminds me of one about a man who drowned his girlfriend in a lake. It’s called, “What lies beneath”, with Harrison Ford as the cheating villain.

  2. Ah what temptation it is to punish those who hurt us . I’ve heard that true love always forgives — maybe , maybe not. Perhaps what makes this so difficult is the femininity of the writer.

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