It’s quadrille night at dverse. The theme is echo. Might do another one. I like quadrilles.


Everything comes round again



the rain

that pitter patters, soothing sound



on the ground

and leaves silver puddles



the muddles

we make and life repeats



the beats

of two hearts still one

till echoes

are done.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

57 thoughts on “Echo”

  1. Lovely word-smithing as your words manifest the prompt. There is a poetry form, based on echoes, but the repeat line is always askance., if I meme ver correctly–I want to dance/but I have no pants kind of thing.

  2. I like the sound/feel of this very much…being immersed in rain for at least a week now I know the soothing sound sound sound very well. And the sense of echo, repetition, in life is so true…thinking of echos and repetitions this way steer them into a natural rhythm rather than something less appealing such as the myth of Sisyphus.

      1. Pattering on leaves is nice … not much of that around this house. I find that pattering on the roof can create a kind of cocoon….

      1. I made the WORST bag in the history of sewing I should have taken a photo it was truly gloriously VILE so I hear you! Fortunately you kept writing and you’re superb, can’t be good at everything kinda glad it’s writing over sewing for you!

      2. I admire you for attempting something complicated like a bag. My limit is mending those L-shaped tears that the cats make in bed sheets. My girls all love making things, clothes, bags, pencil cases and duvet covers. The fourth one even made herself a pair of slippers once. I’m in awe of that kind of thing.

      3. ha ha ha! I’ve mended those actually it’s hard because it’s irregular! Oh I have tried many things but TRIED is definitely the word, NOT succeeded! Glad your kids do though, I’d ideally love to make my own clothes but it’s NOT going to happen 😉 I’m a little in awe too especially of gifted knitters

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