No more

A list for the dverse prompt

Photo©Steven Lek


I want no more of this drunken din,

the brash and bold brawlings

that tear the air into flying shreds of noise.

No more smoke, greasy and grey,

from other people’s fun cooking.

No more paper trampled into meaningless pulp

and bottle glass strewn in shatters.

I have no use for cars,


music blaring,


ripping up the night,

nor the braying laughter of the lost.


I will have some peace sometime,

grass-damp and silent mornings,

where the only sound is the tiny swish

of starlings waddling through the dew.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

44 thoughts on “No more”

  1. You hooked me with /nor the braying laughter of the lost/–great title for a novel-=-LAUGHTER OF THE LOST. I adore a day or two in nature, at the ocean or the mountains, but then it’s back to the technology & comfort of the home we’ve lived in for 25 years (which we have remodeled in the last year).

    1. It would make a good title, you’re right. The kind of people it would be so depressing to write about 🙂 Our home in town is pretty basic, so the lack of comfort in the countryside is no big deal for us. I know where I’d rather be…

  2. The former seems more fun when your young. The latter seems a lot better to me now. I know I’m old, since my favorite time of day is waking up from a nap at home

    1. My children were always terrified of the countryside and loved it when we moved to the city centre. I enjoyed the city when I was young and had no money. Now I just want to get out of it!

  3. I agree that the last stanza is beautiful! I love the image of the starlings.
    We’ve discussed city and country before. I don’t like the noise of the city either, but I do like to walk around and visits museums and such.
    I know you’re eager to move to the country. 🙂

    1. I’ll miss the starlings 🙂 The city does have a lot to offer. It’s just so hard to find a happy medium. Living right in the centre is great because everything is within easy walking distance, but there’s the noise and commotion that goes with it. The residential areas don’t have the through put of visitors and people looking for fun, but you have to take the car out to buy a loaf of bread.

      1. Yes, that is the problem where we live. You can’t walk to anything. Even if we wanted to take public transportation to get to Philadelphia, we have to drive to it. Crazy! And here (just wrote this as “hear” 🙂 ) the noise is the power tools as soon as the weather gets nice.

      2. The big divider in the residential areas here is the barbeque. Some people (like me) hate the smell and the smoke. Other people love it. Problem is you can’t stop the smell and the smoke drifting over the fence to the neighbour’s garden.

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