Selling up

I saw this prompt yesterday on the Real Toads blog but was too wearied by our first week of house visits to reply. Waiting, trying to breathe calmly before the next onslaught on Monday.

Room with laptop

I sit in this room,

in a bubble shot with rainbowed fish and fur,

scented like the rose.

Beyond, behind, above,

the house, my house stretches,

desert dry and unfamiliar,

a foreign land,

unnaturally tidy,

sparkling superficially,

prowled by visiting avid-eyed sharks and the blandly curious.

Strangers touch and poke,

to see if the glass is real,

the doors open and close as they should,

are these knotted boards really woody wood,

and I hunch among waving fronds of gentle sea flowers,

hiding from the sharp twitches of displeasure or greed

that storm the placid ocean of my house,

waiting for them to leave.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

27 thoughts on “Selling up”

      1. There’s been a boat for sale for ages in the dock here. I think it looks lovely. Small and you have to be able to cope with low ceilings, but not everyone is a giant, and it’s cheap…

      2. This is measured in square metres and comes in at 80 square metres of living space. Sounds a bit small to me, but then we do have a lot of stuff. I like the idea of a boat, but I can see its limitations.

      3. Although we were 41 feet in total, we lost 6 feet at the helm and 4 at the bow. Inside, our bathroom took up another six, so in theory our space was reduced to 25 feet by 6’10”, which equates to just under 16 square meters of living space! (seating/sleeping/cooking). 80 sounds luxurious!

  1. It sounds awful. Are you showing the house yourself?
    I’ve said we can’t ever move because I can’t imagine having to clean out this house and get it ready for a sale. It’s an old house and would require so much work.
    Good luck! (And hugs!) 🙂

    1. We have an agent (and a friend of a friend who is also an agent) but word has got out and we have random people asking to visit that we have to show round, if we ever let them over the threshold. It’s hellish.

    1. When we sold our first house we had already moved out, so it was painless. Sad to be leaving, but we were just saying goodbye to an old friend who was staying behind, much as we had found her ten years before. This is different. It’s awful having strangers looking at everything not to admire, but to find the faults and the the little blemishes.

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