you’re my piazza navona

I once dreamed of living in Rome. This blog is the nearest I’ll get to it.

a love letter to rome

When I think of the Piazza Navona in Rome I think of you now.

Last time I was there I was walking around, and every coffee I had, or wine I sipped, or smile I gave to a passing man, or Bernini fountains I stopped and stood at for the hundredth time pondering with fresh eyes, or place I wandered into… gazing at everything in Saint Agnese, or in the museums near by; I thought about you there in the piazza before me, and after me, off in your own reverie, not thinking of me except when I asked for an image of you once, standing before a marble goddess. You sent it to your part-time Aphrodite on Hérmes’ winged feet, and I treasured it, and buried it, like Crassus’ riches.

You have captured my imagination against my will, and that’s kind of lovely.

This strange, exciting, impossible idea of you…

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

10 thoughts on “you’re my piazza navona”

    1. Do you do this on purpose? I sometimes feel that you are a shadow in my dreams! We almost plumped for Rome in 82/83 when we were still students and the world was our oyster 🙂 Husband (francophile) had dragged me round France and I decided to drag him round Rome. My mother had a very close friend there and we had family holidays with them from when I was small. She offered both of us jobs with the Banco di Roma, because she could, despite the fact that neither of us spoke Italian and we had no experience whatsoever of banking. We didn’t take up the offer. I often wonder what life would be like now if we had done.

      1. I think I am a shadow in my own dreams to be truthful. It was a wonderful time and it would have been a wonderful time for you. But I’m not sure even i, who lacked all caution in those days, would have been brave enough to go and work for Banco di Roma. I was there for work – I spoke no Italian but I learned it – but the Banco bit would have been a step too scary for me! I often wonder what life would be like if I had stayed ….

      2. I admit, it was the Banco bit that put us off much more than the idea of working and living in a completely foreign city. I do love Rome though, my favourite city of all.

      3. I think I probably use people’s response to Rome as a litmus paper for whether we can get along if I am truthful. So that’s good then!

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