Storm’s coming

For the dverse quadrille prompt. The theme is ‘storm’.


Sky is hushed, still,

filled with heat haze,

days when no winds blow,

no breath of breeze,

trees hang limp-leafed, birdless,

wordless songs from the river

shiver in the restless light.

Bright sun sinks in the west—

best close the door,

for storm’s coming.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

83 thoughts on “Storm’s coming”

  1. First of all, I LOVE the double meaning possibility of closing the door, here – both figuratively and literally. Fantastic.

    And OH, these lines:
    “wordless songs from the river
    shiver in the restless light.”


  2. I really like this–so atmospheric. 😉 I also like the lines about the wordless songs from the river.
    Funny, you, Kerfe, and I all had posts with doors in them today. I was opening and you’re closing.
    We may get a storm here tonight.

  3. Birdless, wordless – this is a strong of genius! Well done, Jane 🙂 Your final line puts me in mind of an old blues song called ‘Come On In My Kitchen.’

  4. Uh huh! Head for the cellar; storm’s a brewin’! Only now it’s grab the cell phone and go stand outside like a fool, hoping to get some video to post. I had a bit of a sweat reading your poem.

    1. Thanks Sarah. We had that heaviness yesterday. I think even Finbar was relieved when it finally broke and he hates storms. Btw, is the link to your poem mended? The last time I looked it didn’t work.

  5. I enjoyed this! The light touch of internal rhymes matched the feeling of stillness. “Wordless songs from the river” was very nice, for me, and the final two lines suspend the suspense- love that.

  6. I love the almost palpable anticipation, Jane! I especially love the lines:
    ‘trees hang limp-leafed, birdless,
    wordless songs from the river
    shiver in the restless light’.

      1. Oh, I’ll have to look that one up then. Your forecast did materialize, by the way. Seems like autumn now.

  7. ‘wordless songs from the river shiver in the restless light’… sigh beautifully haunting!❤️

  8. You images worked so well to create that sense of impending storm. I lived in the midwest for a few years and even with closed windows I could feel when there was a storm or tornado on the menu.

  9. Wordless songs from the river shiver in the restless night — what a beautiful phrase. You’ve described that stillness that sometimes comes before the storm — you can sense it, feel it. And the admonishment, said quietly, better close the door. This can be the storm of nature and sadly, can be the storm of domestic violence, behind closed doors. I choose the beauty of the first.

  10. Beautiful poem, Jane. I could feel the heaviness of the air before the storm. I’ve had reason to feel a lot of that lately, but at least I’m not watering the lawn and flower beds.

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