What would you say?


What would you say

if I pulled open the sky

and tossed handfuls of stars

on the glittering lake?

What would you do

if I wove you a pair

of rainbow wings

that fitted your shoulders

like velvet gloves?

Would you shout with joy

leap from this high peak,

twisting and diving

in a falconโ€™s plunge?

Or with a pale, polite smile

would you whisper your thanks

fold your wings in a box

and hand me them back

with no regrets?

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

22 thoughts on “What would you say?”

  1. I would say, you’ve godly powers.
    And who am I but a mere mortal.
    And why would I risk incurring your displeasure
    Or, perhaps even wrath
    By returning those you have chosen to give
    But why chose me, or am I one of many
    And what of the price you seek
    I tremble, I fear
    For, you have godly powers
    And I, I am but a mere mortal.

    1. Love conquers all,
      has all things in its grasp,
      as long as the hand that reaches to take
      is full of those feathers,
      bright as the day,
      to give in exchange.
      We weave one mantle out of our dreams,
      winged happiness, sun-struck,
      to carry us through the darkest of days.

      1. You promise much, oh godly one
        But I fear my time is a flash
        For I am but a mere mortal
        But they say, it’s better to love fiercely once
        Than to coast along seeking true love
        For love is true, is it not, for those who make it so
        So, I shall be like the mantis or the male black widow
        To be feted with love and feasted by love
        And for you, I’ll be a chapter or less
        Perhaps a hidden foot note
        For I am a mere mortal, a blip in your life
        And you, the godly one paints on a vast canvas
        When my time is done, forget me not
        I may be but a mere pixel among millions
        But without me, your canvas will be incomplete
        Forget me not, this mere mortal
        For you are my godly one.

      2. We are all just pixels
        in an image of the universe,
        blips on a celestial monitor,
        footnotes on an insignificant page.
        So let us shine,
        unique sparks,
        fireflies in the dark.

      1. I couldn’t possibly comment! But suffice to say it took me to age 51 to find the one who understood the dreamer and dreams just the same ….

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