The Roses of Tralee

For the dverse prompt (thanks Lillian!) a pome—not quite lai.


Sisters they were three,

went on a shooting spree

or two,

robbed their first bank in Tralee

with luck and lots of glee

then blew.

The Gardaí chased them hither

then they chased them thither,

thick crew.

When the girls had spent the cash,

they made a final dash,

they flew.

At the docks they loosened laces

for a berth to foreign places—

sea view.

But they each fell for tar

that they met in the ship’s bar—

it’s true—

gave up the life of crime,

settled far away this time—

Peru .


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

71 thoughts on “The Roses of Tralee”

  1. They fell far tar…….that they met in the ship’s bar. LOVE this use of tar in terms of relating to the sea faring men. Lucky ladies……..they changed their hearts and engaged their hearts and moved……to Peru! LOVE it! So fun reading all these tall tales 🙂 Great use of the form too!

    1. Thank you, Lillian 🙂 This is certainly a strange gallery of criminals. Some of them look absolutely crazy, but most of them look as though they’re really quite pleased with themselves. These three ladies must have had fun doing whatever it was they were locked up for!

  2. Shades of Thelma and Louise. You mean these two innocents were engaged in a life of crime? And they flew the coop for Peru? That ‘s a great story on just the mugshot. Good wrap up

  3. I’m glad they mended their ways – Peru and a dash of tars does that!
    I know this through experience (she lied).
    Anna :o]

      1. Yes you are so correct! Until they have a small part of goodness in them, they can. I think nobody can ever lose all the goodness in them! Just have to be strong enough to find it and bring it out!

      2. Indeed! I’m glad to see some states in USA doesn’t have death penalty! But here in India, we can’t even talk about it, there’s not enough who share the opinion or have courage to say it out loud. Death penalty just makes us killer, it doesn’t punish the one!

      3. If you in India can see it, I can see it, here in France, different cultures, backgrounds, upbringings, why can’t everyone else? What’s the problem with people? Why so bloodthirsty?

      4. Exactly! They hide behind the crimes of people who they punish. I guess barbarianism didn’t really leave us. For once I would love to see people do the right thing if it’s not hard or easy. Rehabilitation of a criminal wouldn’t be much of a issue considering the resources available to a country!

      5. You are so right! I almost lost all my faith in politicians, irrespective of the country. It’s like they have no obligation to serve people!

      6. Some start off with that intention, but too many of them go to ‘politician school’ and never do anything else but worm their way around political postings. It’s just a career structure for them, not a moral obligation.

      7. I have first hand experience with these, my father is a small town politician. Even though he refrain from action such as this, I have a huge exposure to politicians so close, so I know what you are staying it’s true. And it’s the main reason I lost faith in them, I know how they think! It’s good to talk about these stuffs to someone. I didn’t think I have these in me 😊

      8. We shouldn’t assume all politicians are selfish. Some aren’t and really do believe their own propaganda. It’s just a shame that not enough of them are actually faced with the problems of ordinary people. They have a cushioned and artificial existence, as if life is just a school debate. If you can see through the veil of cynicism, I’m sure you’ll find that you’re not alone. Things will change, I’m sure 🙂

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