Black cats


This critter is our Little Cat. She’s the one with problems. We found her in the street outside when she was tiny, had hardly any fur, was full of worms, with a ruptured bowel, and suffering from acute malnutrition that affected her motricity and sense of balance. She had two operations on her bowel, which seem to have been more or less successful except for a bit of incontinence. The eczema is chronic and periodically, her fur still drops out. All of it, right up to her shoulders.

As you can see from the weird position of that back leg, she has difficulty managing four limbs. Her legs don’t bend in the right places so she plods, flat-footed and very noisily and extremely un-cat like. Because she has lost her sense of balance, she falls out of windows, off walls and out of trees. For the first couple of years we had her, she wasn’t allowed outside because we were afraid she would fall into the neighbour’s garden and be eaten by the German Shepherd. So we kept her indoors and she fell out of the second floor windows instead.

I thought I’d post a pic of her while her fur, if not luxuriant, is at least present and covers most of her. Her expression baffles me. It’s a world-weary, leave me alone-type of expression, which I don’t think is intentional. She’s a sweet-natured little thing, absolutely fearless (which we can probably put down to some kind of brain damage), and terribly destructive.

Her name is officially Nina, sometimes Ninja, after her habit of rolling off window ledges, Ploddy or Scabby, for obvious reasons. She doesn’t respond to any name, so I’m guessing we haven’t discovered it yet.

The one below is Trixie. The Boss. Nuff said.




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80 thoughts on “Black cats”

  1. I love the name ninja! It’s so cute. She looks super cute. But her story is so sad, I’m glad you helped her. She sounds like a strong soul and Man, that expression is amazing!

      1. At least they don’t follow you in the streets and servo.
        I am a massive black cat fan after I got George from my ex (she was not fit so I too him).
        I always had Burmese before George. Cream. So middle class.
        George is a awesome
        little rescue. We had a slow love as I didn’t really want him but I needed to save him from her mental health and so I was cold and he was cold but now he pushes my head like “I’m cold lift the blanket”

        Love animals!

      2. I am planning (even to have the luxury of a plan is so powerful) to stop when I get my new job.
        Strangely to be vegan cost me double per shop

      3. It’s the cheese substitutes that cost a fortune. I can manage without meat as long as I have dairy products. Without the cheesy element, it’s like adding weird things to give the veggies a bit of interest.

      4. Yeah. I have a friend who lives on seeds and beans. ‘Lives’ —only just. She does it because she thinks everything else is poisonous, not for any ethical reasons. She doesn’t give a toss about animal welfare.

      5. I might be a literary genius hahaha but I need a day off eh? Just to be a dopey Aussie

      6. What time is it there
        I’m in the future remember
        Hard to look back
        Or just lazy to look up google Timezone

    1. It was a case of taking her in or knowing that there was a starving, sick kitten on the doorstep. There wasn’t much choice. She needed a lot of work to patch her up, but the vet was very good and sympathetic, kept her in the surgery for ten days. She said she was surprised she lived.

  2. Cats all come with their own set of quirks and problems, but it sounds like Nina/Ninja got more than her share. I’m glad she has good humans to love her and take care of her. And I’m glad you don’t live on the tenth floor!

      1. Little Ricky bats and hisses at big Mickey, when Mickey wants to play, but then at other times he gives Mickey a bath.
        We kept their shelter names–we didn’t set out to give them rhyming names. 😉

      2. I’m not sure that it’s natural for cats to be sociable. Wild cats certainly keep themselves to themselves. Trixie is completely anti social and positively dislikes other cats. She hated Branwell and the little blue cat but Nina/Ninja played with them both and was upset when they died. Trixie was glad to see the back of them.

      3. My younger daughter and son-in-law have a dog and a cat. The cat doesn’t like other cats, and the dog doesn’t like other dogs, but they like each other.

    1. She’s ALWAYS falling out of windows! Never gets hurt though. Like drunks. I don’t understand the problem with black cats either. They say that the shelters can’t find adoptants for black dogs either. People are cranky.

      1. Isn’t it absurd that our unconscious psyche may collectively still respond thus? Fortunately you and i see through it and embrace the black animal world, sheep for example, very winsome with black wool.

  3. Jane, for us a little black dog has brought us good luck. Well, most of the time. She is a chronic food thief and escape artist. She is pure black with white tips on her paws. She used to live on a farm and is a well trained hunter and knows how to disappear in the dark.
    I love black cats. Our friends have one called Astro and we were staying with them and he was gorgeous. He’d sit there like a picture and would then start moving.
    I am touched by your love and care for Nina/Ninja. She is very blessed.
    xx Rowena

    1. People have strange superstitious ideas about animals. It’s a throw back I suppose when they saw evil in all sorts of things. I’m glad you have a black demon/angel 🙂 Ours are chalk and cheese which is just as well. I’m not sure we could cope with two Ninjas 🙂

      1. Oh sorry, yes I meant Trixie! The way they roll over for a belly rub is so cute x

      2. Trixie rolls over, but if you touch that belly, you’ll find your hand caught in a very sharp and painful grip. She’s the most antisocial cat I’ve ever met!

      3. Haha don’t worry, I think most cats are like that about having their bellies touched!

    1. I don’t know about kind. What else can you do? Sometimes you don’t have a choice, but I’m glad we took her in, she’s a strange little creature. Trixie is a real matron of a cat, the other one can either look very sweet or very odd. Her joints don’t bend in the right way and she bends her ears so it looks as though she doesn’t have any…

  4. Lilly Bug here, a calico cat. Passing through to say hello and I came across your blog. My hooman use to have a black long haired cat named Missy.

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