Vikings, this way please

This is a new sign that has gone up next to the cycle track that runs along the banks of the Garonne. I’m assuming it’s the work of some bored municipal official with a sense of fun.

Road sign

Taking the directions in reverse order: yes, you can cycle to the station in less than five minutes from here; cutting across country there is a cycle track as far as Sauveterre-de-Guyenne in the Entre-Deux-Mers; you can get to Sète in Provence by cycling along the Garonne then following the Canal du Midi. But Norway????



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19 thoughts on “Vikings, this way please”

      1. We have a land path to a nearby island. A bridge actually… And in one of our epics, there’s a land road, which is built through the stones which connect India (tamil Nadu) and the neighboring island country Sri Lanka. Which is quite a bit of a problem actually because some people oppose the devolopment activities in those area, so not to disturb that land way!

      2. Is there really a sort of causeway? I imagined the ocean that separates Sri Lanka from the continent must be pretty deep. If there is a causeway, I’m not surprised people want it left alone!

      3. Actually, the Fact that there’s a causeway, is not scientifically proven. But the sea is shallow in the region, but there’s no usable land path. The real problems is some people say that shallow sea is natural, while others say it’s the submerged path mentioned in the epic!

      1. Husband reckons it’s something concocted with the Norwegian tourist board, but I think it’s more likely a dig by ‘Disgruntled, Quinconces’ at those godawful floating hotels, many of which are owned by ‘Viking Cruises’.

  1. Funny stuff. Her in America, there would be a crowd of people protesting against the government’s inability to tell the truth. They would demand the person resign for creating ‘Fake News’ and a special election would be held. This would, of course, cost the tax payers millions of dollars.

    1. There would have to be an inquiry into who gave the signposters the silly place names. Somebody provided them. But why? Apart from me, I’m not sure anybody else has noticed. The French are pretty immune to the ridiculous.

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