The Greek myths are taking a pounding today. This one is for the Secret Keeper’s challenge, to incorporate these five words into a poem.



You wanted fame,

I was just a name,

a girl with an idea,

just like Medea,

gave you a ball of thread—

Hey, that’s cool, you said,

and after the fight

you’d give me the night

and the starry sky.

What a lie!

I fell for your smile,

just for a while,

till the storm hit the sea

and they all looked at me.

Kick out the bitch,

she’s just a witch!

Those gutless sailors,

a bunch of wailers,

afraid of the water

and a king’s unwanted daughter.

So you dumped me here,

I paid for your fear,

bitter tears on the sand.

I guess it was planned,

you never intended

to marry me, ended

in my personal disaster

and you as the master.

You make me sick,

you arrogant prick.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

40 thoughts on “Ariadne”

      1. I thought I wasn’t a fan, until I started listening to “Hamilton.” I think like anything else there are all types. Besides, this is rap poetry. 🙂

      2. I’ll have to look up Hamilton. The rap I hear now and again seems so sexist and violent, young men with a lot of money complaining about the society that has made them rich…

      1. Oh! That’s unfortunate.It would have been nice to hear your voice, you have French accent right? My girlfriend think French is the sexiest language!

      2. Afraid not. I was brought up in the north of England and have a vaguely northern accent that was never very strong to begin with and has been all but rubbed away by now. I speak French (obviously!) but still with an accent.

      3. It can happen. You have to be a Buddhist though I think. Unless Hindus come back too, I don’t remember. The rest of us have to make do with what we get first time around 🙂

      4. Usually when you ask people when they are settling down, children, steady job, nice home, would they like to be sixteen again, they usually say, you must be kidding! To have to go through adolescent angst, first love, first heartbreak, studying, muddling along with no money etc etc, most people would say no thanks!

      1. I read out loud most times and your piece here was begging for a more infected tone and speed, very catchy and with a good rhythm, that’s why I thought of slant rhyme as I hear the young people do it at open mic.

  1. It is Jay Jay Dough R.T go rap girl WIL. I. A. M. will be wantin to do sum duet in wid ma bytch. Haaaha! Joking aside it is spot on for rap and the prompt. Dope *high five girlfriend*

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