Cats, stars and the night

This evening’s clutch of twitter prompt poems. Funny how they follow a theme.


Do you see me

through the cigarette haze

as you pour another glass of champagne?

Am I a ghost

that hangs in the rafters of memory?


Is dawn breaking or night falling?

Time stopped when you went away,

the sun and moon,

guttering candles

compared with your face.


A cat in my shadow stalks

with eyes of fire.

A light at your window breaks,

I see your silhouette

and wait, cat-like,

for the dark.


Watch the stars fall and wish,

for all the things you’ll never have,

like sun at midnight,

a crown of stars

and me.


Cat sleeps with half-open eyes

and dreams of birds

that shine like stars

in the coping of heaven’s roof.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

32 thoughts on “Cats, stars and the night”

    1. Our little one has terrible nightmares at the moment, and because of her many problems, the result is messy. I hear ‘That little cat’s leaked again’ very often.

      1. It is interesting that when one sense is lessened, such as at night, the others fill in ( I guess the same thing they say as when someone loses sight). That little bit of visual clue at night emphasizes any uneasy feeling, I think, or conversely, makes the night seem more cozy? The cat is the same way, threatening or comforting. I liked these poems for how I could see multiple views of the same situation. If this is making any sense.

      2. Perfect sense. It’s the way I feel too. The darkness can be comforting like a blanket and it can be threatening because we can’t see much in it. Cats might not be cats when there’s no light, and we hear so much more than in daylight. More can sometimes be worse 🙂

      1. Paraphrasing,
        Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Dougherty, Jane Enterprise. Its never ending mission: to explore strange new writing worlds, to seek out new writing forms and new writing methods, to boldly go where no writer has gone before.

      2. Well i read it.. Just now.. I have to ask do you have plan to expand the character baseline and the world they reside in.. Or will it be (as it is now).. A short story.. I could feel the story of Kill or Ace for that matter.. Being woven into this short story alone.. Great writing, great material..

      3. It’s a bit of backstory that explains about the ratmen who figure in ‘Abomination’. I tend to get lost in the worlds I create and wander off on a tangent, so I cut Pete’s story out and let it stand alone. If you like, I can send you a copy. Is your email the outlook address I have in the comments?

      4. So it’s an opening sequence, i hope it is.. But don’t you want to complete it..? Besides if you get published on Amazon the last thing you want is to send out drafts in e-mail. Another blogging pal of mine is also trying to publish his work.. He also send an email to some other guy.. but later his story got published under different name right here on wordpress.. So he now advice other writers not to do it.. (And asked me to spread the word)..
        But that is my e-mail right there..

      5. That’s okay, it’s already published and I have review copies to give away, so I’m not divulging trade secrets. Your friend is perfectly right though, until a book is under contract to a publisher you shouldn’t publish it online, or a sample of more than 10% maximum. you risk losing your first publishing rights. I’ll send you a copy and you’ll see where Pete and his ratmen fit in.

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