Chocolate can bloom?

The three magnet poems to make the set.  I took whole phrases from the word selection as they were offered. Looks as though I was right, the oracle is in a strange mood today.


Chocolate can bloom?Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 14.42.43


I hope life knows what it is going,

and I wish I could still hear

the soft night music

our mother sang

when we were tiny.



Lucky in love?Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 14.49.49


The sound of that song,

one moment in time,

when all dreams come true.




Bright as sunlight,Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 15.06.05

rain falls, soft and quiet,

a breath of rose-coloured cloud.

Moon listens for dark night

to cover it with stars.




Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

52 thoughts on “Chocolate can bloom?”

    1. They’re a strange bunch today. Usually the poems come out lyrical with odd but beautiful images. These are almost as though the oracle is having a conversation. Creepy really.

      1. I think it has to mean something. To engage it has to strike a chord of familiarity which nonsense doesn’t do. I’m all for new images and metaphors that seem wacky at first until you think about it. That fits your engaging with the senses. But when there’s no thread to follow, just what sounds like random words and images, then I think I’m being conned.

      2. But Lewis Carrol makes perfect sense in his world with different rules! The images are funny and unexpected, but we can see them. They hang together and tell a story. What I meant about poetry that means nothing (or whatever you ant it to mean) was some of the badly written types of conceptual poetry where the phrases seem to have been chosen either to shock (not to make a point just to shock) or to be so completely obscure that anyone who says they understand what the poem is on about is either kidding himself or has entered into the pretentious game of the ‘poet’. I could be wrong, but I think if the words don’t make sense (the blue tomatoes slipping under the train and I shout, hey, those are my trainers, but the pink spots on the wall dance faster and Jim walked out of the room with a calabash on his head etc etc) then why bother?

      3. It was a stream of consciousness ramble, not a very good example of what I mean, the stuff that is peppered with expletives and graphic descriptions of sexual acts that for the life of me I can’t see the relevance of in the context of trainers and blue tomatoes, but that’s maybe just me—no imagination )

      4. No, but I read that those blue tomatoes where your trainers! Psychedelic catsup (or ketchup) tracking across the carpet after an afternoon run.

        All kidding aside, I do totally agree with the point you’re making. A lot of what passes for poetry is gibberish. A lot of poetry is also rant, diatribe, and poorly reasoned rhetoric. That’s why the world needs your voice. …and mine.

      5. You can read gibberish any way you want. In fact you have to, there’s no right way.
        Yours is the voice of let’s not take this too seriously folks. We certainly need a good dose of that 🙂

      6. I do hope (at times) I’m taken seriously. I just feel if everything I write is grim, I won’t be effective when the time comes to urgent. We’ll see if my madness is a viable method.

      7. I think we do listen to people who present a serious issue in a light hearted way. It can be much more persuasive than the ram it down the throat aggressive way.

      8. I don’t know… we’ve survived all of his predecessors. I’m apolitical. Politics have never solved, nor permanently damaged anything. I vote. The irony is fodder for better writing than political bombast; unfortunately, too many good writers are writing from their guts and not their creative centers. …see! I can be serious after all!

      9. We’ve survived ice ages and world wars, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do everything in my power to prevent another one. I don’t know about US politics, can’t see much about them that corresponds to my idea of politics anyway, but where I live, politics is the difference between democracy and dictatorship, between freedom of choice and the imposition of state morality, equality and discrimination. I see countries like Poland that are drifting back into the dark ages, Turkey already there, and it’s all about politics. Opt out of using your voice and you could end up with another Erdogan or Putin.

      10. This last election was a circus. More so than the previous two. The Don is simply a stutter step – a hiccup – on our way to becoming a state of anarchy and deeply-felt divisions. I think that’s the plan, anyway. We will cave in upon ourselves in short order when he leaves office. He just keeps everyone distracted for now. …and I’m not even being cynical. The whole show this last time was a bleeding (not bloody) circus with a plethora of performers. It will be more ridiculous next time.

      11. It takes more than one blip to wreck the system. Institutions have a way of perpetuating themselves, probably because the same people run them whoever is in office. In countries where the institutions are in a permanent state of flux and revision, it’s much easier for a demagogue to grab everything with popular support. I can’t see how it could happen in the US or any of the old established democracies, but some countries seem on the verge of falling into very authoritarian quasi dictatorships. We seem to have a great capacity for running backwards.

      12. This is a conversation I could go on with for days and not get tired! I’ve thought about writing my mind on world dynamics… yes, and even US politics. It’s just that so many are doing so… and missing the sharks, netting the minnows. I would appear a radical… to both sides.

      13. I wouldn’t know where to start, like picking at a tangle of string trying to find an end. I’d be happy if I found a politician who was sincere and honest. They may start off that way but a few years of holding even a very minor office soon changes that. Shame.

      1. Hah
        Maybe there waaaassssss boo! 👻
        I used to have seances all the time as a teen. Super fun.

      1. Usually I imagine her declaiming from behind a mask. She wraps her message up in poetic utterings and doesn’t expect any feedback. This time I really felt she was expecting a response.

  1. I enjoyed these Jane. Of course the thought of chocolate blooming caught my eye. 😉 Also the night songs my mother used to sing… I DO remember her comforting voice from back when.
    I guess you could say these were all evocative, in a pleasant sort of way.

    1. The chocolate blooming leapt out at me too. There are a lot of the offered words that I never even consider, like the chocolate caramel banana candy type words that I never use. I let the oracle have her way this week 🙂

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