I liked the Jim Harrison quote that Jilly posted yesterday but didn’t have time to write anything from it. I have done now, and combined it with The Secret Keeper‘s writing prompt, taking liberties as usual with the words.

“The birds are a chorus…clearly relatives of Mozart”  ~  Jim Harrison





I found the perfect place to sit,

beneath the trees beside the stream

that spins its tales of then and now,

and how the world has always been


in this green place.


Painted feathers tint the shade,

and half-glimpsed fox-red where the sun

slants gold and misty at midday,

where peace hangs in the falling notes


of unseen birds.


The clouds that pass seem not for me,

but smoke of other people’s wars,

and I, in beauty’s treasures sleep,

while chorus sings of flames and flight


and waning light.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

38 thoughts on “Cassandra”

      1. I drove my poor children bonkers with my proclivity for spontaneous rhyming when they were growing up. So not forbidden just used judiciously is ideal. Which doesn’t rhyme 😉

      2. I’m a spontaneous punner … it’s a ghastly affliction for me which I strive to curb so as not to afflict the innocents around me! Fortunately I can’t whistle but my attempts at singing to pacify children stopped with the eldest who used to shriek ‘dup’ meaning shut up from the back seat aged 2. I was broken 😅

      3. Ha! Love that. I’ve never sung to mine. My mother had a good voice and we used to be embarrassed at her singing. Since I don’t have a good voice, I have always known better. I do whistle though. The children have never minded, but husband hates it.

      1. Thx. I tried to establish a new WLAN, which ends in a disfunctionality of all things operated by radio waves. We were always for hours the house with the least electro smog. [hahaha]

  1. This is serene and beautiful, not just the setting, but that sense of being outside the woes of life in the line about other people’s wars. The soft rhyming and refrains are the perfect choice to keep the tone of it all. So glad you have found some inspiration in Harrison.

      1. Actually, several of us went funny or punny and that is not at all in the Harrison style, so I think you are safe. If you need a laugh, here are the zany ones: Qbit, Charley Portofino, NoStAugustine & Lynn Burton.

  2. Quite pastoral, with a touch of currency (current events) blended in so as not to destroy the quietude. A very light touch on the brush of words.

  3. Your choice of art had been devouring my mind before coming upon it a moment ago. I became transported by your 1st verse . a place of transcendence. Following down the page I met with such a diversity of verses. At first a rough entry. Sitting by a stream was where I wanted to stay. Yet reading on felt like traveling to exotic places. What an amazing experience. A great lift your poem is. j.k

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! Franz Marc is a favourite painter of mine. His work was so vivid and tender, yet they are filled with a premonition almost of death and destruction. I’m glad you like this poem. I was pleased with how it shaped up, and that the three short lines spontaneously made a phrase of their own.

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