Haiku challenge: Painted & Lady

For Ronovan’s weekly challenge. For ‘Lady’ read ‘dawn’.

I love this Turner.



Dawn brushes the sky,

soft pastels and singing birds—

sun repaints with flame.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

56 thoughts on “Haiku challenge: Painted & Lady”

  1. This is beautiful. Repainting with flame – is so amazing. I can think of it in a way, as if the sun was heating up dawn’s painting, drying them, in the process changing colors, textures, birthing an entirely new image. Repainting with flame makes me think of the days when I was addicted to writing with lemon juice and broomsticks on a paper and revealing them later with a candle in front of family and friends. I have always loved to be a showman as long as I had something good to present. (and I did most of the time in my childhood) before I fill up your entire page, I bid my leave. Nice poem, thought provoking to say the least.

      1. My pleasure. I should thank your poem for that. The memories are right there behind a glass door locked, until I hear that magical word, then they sprung open and drown me in nostalgia.

    1. Thank you! This is another interpretation, and an interesting one. You see reality in the clarity of the finished painting of midday where I see reality in the first sketch of early morning 🙂

  2. And then it will rise again, and circle it once more.. The capturing of the rise of Apollo.. And the birds singing the glory..

  3. That’s a good one. I believe we are the original A.I and God the original programmer. But yeah, parallel universe ending also works.. No wonder people are getting mad..

      1. I don’t know what is more cruel. The fact that modern civilisation call themselves civilised.. Or the fact they are becoming less and less of one.. Food for thought..

      2. It’s an overused statement, but Just because it’s written doesn’t mean it’s true. But I like the idea of law, how instead of the spirit, it has been reduced to bare words..

      3. Or worst bend it to the rules. There was an article on HSBC scandal. I don’t know if you know about it. But it showed how the law is bended. I was repulsed by the thought of these political figures calling themselves representatives of the people.

      4. As a class, they stink. There are exceptions, but it seems as though few people go into politics without big egos and a sense of their own importance. You need thick skin in politics, and thick skin ultimately means you stop feeling normal human emotions. Sad.

      5. But is there an alternative. Or is it the limit of democratic institutes? The call for ‘central authority’ is now being raged all over the word. Wonder if a Hitler will again emerge from these shadows. People who remember history also must remember that he never actually won an election.. The left parties got the vote..

      6. No, I don’t think the problem is with the concept of democracy, it’s in the goals of society. Acquisition of property and the amassing of wealth is presented as the route to happiness. For most of the planet it means amassing wealth for a few. It’s the distribution of wealth and how it is created that we need to look at, and change our way of looking at it, to stop glorifying excess.

      7. But the age of PR and corporate finance have reshaped the concept. Basically democracy meant power to the people. But if the institution is prevalent in showcasing the interest of the few, how can the democracy itself heal, other than through undemocratic ways. Hmm.. Now that’s a horrid thought..

      8. Nothing can be sorted out by autocracy. If a movement isn’t popular, the people have to be forced. Another case of the few ruling, and it’s probably the same few, whether you have an inefficient, corrupt democracy or a totalitarian state.

      9. I agree with you. But still the threat to democracy is two fold, the threat to totalitarian.. Only External. We have Arab states, China, North Korea, East Africa and South America as glowing examples of inhumane behaviour..

      10. The only dictatorship I can think of that was probably necessary was Tito’s. He held a very disparate group of feuding countries together by forcing them to work together. Unfortunately, when he died, so did Yugoslavia, and they went back to fighting again. Maybe the whole enterprise was wrong-headed. I don’t know, but I don’t think the motivation was simple self-glorification. In the countries you cite, it’s a system, run by a caste or a family that is kept in power. Totally selfish.

      11. China is not run by a family. Nor the East African states. Individuals emerge when they are needed. It’s true for both antagonists as well as protagonists. I think it all boils down or will boil down to self glorification. The history taught us about monuments built for everlasting glory. It’s only natural for modern society and their leaders to follow the same dictum. The only difference is instead of physical monuments there are literary and verbal one, being feed to a system thar not only regulates information but creates it. No matter if it’s holding an ounce of truth.. This is the problem with our society, Development and Destruction both have domino effects.

      12. China is run by a system, and I bet you find the same families at the top of it. As far as I can see most African countries are run by a dominant tribe and the opposition is led by someone from a rival tribe. It’s the same thing. None of them want what’s best for their country, they’re too busy amassing fortunes for themselves in European property and Swiss bank accounts. It isn’t democracy, it’s power creating and perpetuating power.

      13. Who said they were democracies? I am saying the same thing but my question is why it’s successful? The answer may lie in controlling information or controlling the sources of information. The West replicated a model to implement the former, the East (non democratic states) tried their hands with the latter. I think the East is winning and I fear the West will soon learn these tricks..

      14. I think our information is controlled already. You look at Turkey—scores if not hundreds of journalists in prison, Poland—in the hands of the ruling clique with their friends at the Vatican, not to mention the US and their invention of ‘fake news’…You’re right, it won’t be long before we know nothing but what the authorities want us to swallow.

      15. Manufactured Consent and Manufactured Content.
        Scary.. An Economic reality, mix with Political Ambition. Recipe of disaster. Maybe we will end up like Rosa Luxembourg..

      16. Not literally (although it’s plausible) but yeah! More like silenced. I always loved her Accumulation of Capital. She proved Marx wrong. So she was rejected by everyone.. The future for our minority is silence.. Because the world has become ‘tolerable’ to violence and ‘comfortable’ with lawlessness..

      17. The anarchist, she was way ahead of her time. I wonder what she would have done if she saw the hollow cries of hyper nationalism of today..

      18. I know one direction, a House that is racist in name, and behold the new tenant is racist. Wonder if that revolutionary of India was right in his quote, To make the deaf here, you need a bang..

      19. So true, but let’s shout our voice out, silently with words.. Wonder if that should be the motto of our resistance?

      20. We need only one to adhere to the ideas and show the world. I think you fit the bill perfectly for that role. Rest like us will always be companions.. Remember all it takes is an ember to burn the fallacies down..

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